Need for GRE Math Tutor

The Quantitative Reasoning section tests the student for their math skills in processing the given information with the help of standard formulae and come to the conclusion. You would have learned most of the concepts of math during your undergraduate studies. You just need to revise them and learn new techniques to solve problems quickly for the GRE preparation. However, some of you may not be very comfortable in remembering mathematical concepts and applying them. For all of you math tutoring is the best option.

Math Tutors for GRE

Various coaching institutes offer math tutors. A tutor can teach you one-on-one or online. These tutors are specially trained to teach you the required math concepts with the intension of making your score high in the test. Institutes like Kaplan, Powerscore and Princeton Review are very well known for the quality of their tutors. These institutes take special care in employing people as math tutors only when they themselves take the test and score very high at it. The tutors are also trained in teaching concepts of math and the test taking techniques.

If you choose one-on-one math tutoring then your class schedules are designed by your tutor as per your convenience. You can opt for attending the classes at the coaching institute or at any other place of your convenience for example your home. The tutoring schedule is generally designed on an hourly basis and the total duration for tutoring is about 20 to 30 hours. If personal tutoring is not feasible for you then you can opt for online method of tutoring. Here you need to enroll yourself for an online classroom and your math tutor conducts interactive maths classes on the internet for you. You can access the course contents on the web through your registered account. You can also ask your queries during the classes with the help of audio-visual aids.

Math tutoring is broadly divided in two parts: learning the concepts and taking the practice tests. The Quantitative section is generally based on the elementary mathematical concepts which you would have studied at your high school level. During  tutoring the basic concepts of algebra, geometry, data analysis and number reasoning are revised.

A math tutor instructs you about the necessary formulae required to solve the problems. He teaches you about interpretation of graphs, charts and tables. He teaches you how to make use of comparison techniques and analyzing the given information to reason quickly and accurately. A math tutor revises your basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

High scores in the quantitative section can be achieved only if you take a lot of practice. You must solve ample practice questions. A math tutor mainly makes you solve a large number of practice problems.

A math tutor teaches you a lot of speed solving techniques. The main aim of the Quantitative section is to make you solve as many math problems correctly as possible in the stipulated time. The test taking strategies taught by your tutor can be especially useful for you to score high in the test.


GRE private tutoring has helped a lot of students in improving their scores. These private tutors are well qualified for making you learn all the required concepts in the correct way. A private tutor can plan your approach as per your take off level and understanding. Private tutors are available for every section of the test as well as for the optional subjects of the test.

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