Math Review for GRE

The Most Widely Used GRE Math Review Books

The GRE is conducted around the world through dedicated testing centers. The test is accepted by most colleges and educational institutions. Test takers from around the world take the test in order to provide the educational institutions with a copy of their score report for the test. It gives the institution an idea of the student's skills and abilities in high school level education and how he will cope if he takes up a university level course. This test is a timed test that has three main sections. The sections on the test are those of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Each of these sections is meant to test the test taker for different abilities and skills. A comprehensive review of the various sections on the test along with their question types is available on the official website at In order for you to understand the important points about the test you should make sure you have read all the information available on the official website as it will save you a lot of time and trouble.

A review in math will tell you that the questions based on mathematics are not very easy on the test. Literature regarding the Math review available informs test takers that they have to be proficient in basic arithmetic and elementary level mathematics. What the test requires is for a test taker to be able to apply mathematical principles in order to resolve problems through quantitative methods. In order to prepare for the quantitative portions of the test, test takers utilize Math review books. These review books explain the various concepts covered on the test as well as teach through exemplary examples for better understanding. You will find below information on the most widely used Math review books.

I. New GRE Math Workbook

This is a Math review and practice book that is published by Kaplan. The book gives information about every quantitative concept that is on the test. It also provides in-depth reviews of all the essential mathematical concepts you should know about for the test. Apart from this, it also gives you guidelines and tips on how you should complete your quantitative section in time on the actual test day. This review book will help you clear most of the doubts you may have about the quantitative section on the test. To read more information about this book visit

II. Math Review for Standardized Tests

This is a Math review book that can also be used for prep for other tests that have a quantitative section. This review book is published by Cliff's Test Prep and is a general prep book which re-introduces you to arithmetic and mathematical concepts. It also allows you to practice through dedicated practice questions and uses diagnostic tools to provide feedback about your performance and progress. To read more information about this book visit

III. The Ultimate Math Refresher

This is yet another review book and it is published by Lighthouse Review Inc. The book begins by teaching the test taker all the mathematical concepts on the test. Whilst learning, the test taker has the option of taking timely practice tests from the review book to check if he has understood what he has learnt so far. The book also features practice tests that are similar to the actual test and also gives the test takers tips on how they should take the test effectively. To read more information about this book visit

As long as you know what you should be studying you should be just fine. Go through the portion mentioned on the official website and ensure that your Math review book teaches all of the required concepts. Taking regular tests and solving practice question-sets will help you familiarize yourself with the test content and help you complete your test paper within time on the test day.