Sources of Information on the GRE Exam

Information for GRE can be gathered from different sources such as books, softwares, CD ROMs and web sites etc.

The GRE books give complete information on the exam. They provide comprehensive reviews of the complete study materials which the candidate should go through. These books give vast info about exam-taking strategies that help to maximize the test takers score. Along with the information, it provides the candidate with a number of practice tests.

The various CD ROMs that are available in the market also provide information, the tips, strategies and the techniques that are needed to ace the exam. CD ROMs which provide information on the exam, help the test taker to get acquainted with the exam pattern.

The software that give information provide insight into each section and help the test taker to understand them. They also provide step-by-step techniques to solve all types of questions that can come in the exam.

Books on GRE Information

There are a number of books that are available in the market which provide the test taker with complete information. The test taker should purchase the books of such an author who will provide authentic info.

A few books that provide complete information are; Kalpan GRE Exam 2005, Barrons How to Prepare for the GRE, GRE Test for Dummies 5th Edition, Princeton Review- Cracking the GRE 2005. The books provide complete information related to the types of questions, the number of questions that will be asked in the test etc. The books give details related to the types of questions, the number of questions that will be asked in the test etc. These books also give contain details regarding the structure of the exam, the procedure of answering the questions, the scoring information etc.

Complete details are provided about test taking strategies, tips on how to improve the scores and the various techniques that help to solve the questions. It also gives in-depth information related to the subject matter and the best way to prepare for the test.

Important GRE Exam Info

The candidate, before appearing for the test, should gather all sorts of  information. This can easily be gathered from the official web site or bulletins that the colleges and universities print.

In order to appear for the exam, the candidate must get a valid identification proof submitted which should contain his signature and a recent photograph. Sometimes, he might be asked to get some other identification proofs submitted, but that will be in the case when he intends to take the test outside of America.

For detailed information, the candidate must visit the ETS web site. In case the candidate doesn't submit the identification proof, he will not be permitted to take the test. The candidate, while checking the information, must also go through the things that he should bring along with him to the test center.

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