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Information about GRE That You Must Have

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is an exam that an undergraduate student has to take up to get admitted in graduate courses in the US universities or other countries like the UK and Canada. The exam is conducted by Educational Testing Services or the ETS in both the computer-based and paper based mode. The test is conducted all over the world. This gives an opportunity for students of any nationality to study in the US and the other countries. The computer-based exam is conducted throughout the year and the paper based exam is conducted three times in a year (October, November and February)

Once you decide to take up the test, the most important step is to collect information about the test. Based on this information you can start preparing. The computer-based test has 6 sections. Of the 6 sections one is the analytical writing section. This section usually appears as the first section. There are 2 verbal reasoning sections and 2 quantitative reasoning sections. There is also an experimental or research section. This section does not count towards the scores. This section is always the last section. There is another section that is unidentified and un-scored and this section may appear anywhere. Sometimes these 2 sections are not included in the test. The duration of the test is three hours and forty-five minutes.

The information on the paper-based test is that it has 6 sections. The analytical writing section is split into 2 sections and there is no research or experimental section. The other 4 sections are similar to the computer-based test. The duration of this test is three and half hours.

The Computer-based Test

Here we shall see information on each of the sections. This is the basic information that you must know before preparation. You will learn about the details as you start preparing.

Analytical Writing

This section measures your ability to give responses that are focused. Here 2 tasks are given to test your thinking and response skills. The 2 tasks are issue task and argument task. In the issue task, the examinee is given a topic on which he/she has to write an essay. The time duration is 30 minutes. In the argument task, an argument is given. The examinee is expected to write an essay that analyzes the argument. Personal opinions on the topic should not be given. This task is also for 30 minutes. This section is scored by 2 readers on a 0-6 scale. Your ability to respond to a task with proper reasoning and logic is tested here. Along with these, your focus on the topic is also evaluated.

Verbal Reasoning

This section evaluates your reading comprehension, critical reasoning and vocabulary usage skills. This section is scored in the range of 130-170. Total time duration is 30 minutes. There are three types of questions in this section.

Reading Comprehension

This question type evaluates your ability to understand and comprehend a given material. Around 10 passages are given and questions based on these passages are given at the end of each passage. Most of the passages are 1 paragraph in length. Some may be longer. There are 1-6 questions after each passage. Multiple-choice questions with one correct answer, Multiple-choice questions with more than one correct answer and Select-in passage questions are present. A description is given and a sentence in the passage that satisfies the description has to be selected for the Select-in passage questions.

Text Completion

This question type evaluates your ability to understand the whole passage and assimilate the subject. The passages are 1-5 sentences long and blanks are given. From the choices given, you have to fill in the blanks. There are around 6 questions in this type.

Sentence Equivalence

Partial information is given and based on the information given, you have to complete the passage. A sentence is given with a blank and 6 choices are given for the answer. 2 answer choices have to be made. 4 sentence equivalence questions are present.

Quantitative Reasoning

Here your mathematical abilities are tested. Your specific abilities to understand, interpret and analyze the given information are evaluated. Calculator usage is accepted in this section. There are 4 types of questions in this section

  • Multiple-choice Questions - with 1 correct answer
  • Multiple-choice Questions - with more than 1 correct answer
  • Questions with Numeric entry
  • Quantitative Comparison Questions

The scoring is done in a scale of 130-170. Time duration for this section is 35 minutes. Usually there are 20 questions (8- quantitative comparison, 9- problem solving and 3 - data interpretation questions).

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