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GRE (Graduate Record Examination) proves to be an important milestone in the lives of thousands of candidates all over the world who wish to join graduate schools in the US and in many other countries like Canada, the UK etc. These schools take help with the test to measure the candidate's abilities in verbal and quantitative reasoning as well as analytical writing skills. These abilities are required for successful completion of one's graduate studies. The competition for this test is so stiff that one can not take chances. One must seek free test help for his preparation. It is available in various forms.

When to take the GRE?

The GRE score is one of the prerequisites for an admission to a graduate school in the US and in other leading countries. Your admission to the university of your choice solely depends on your achieving the required scores on the test. However, one can not be sure of his results in the exam. This means that you should have sufficient time with you for your next attempt should you decide to take one. Apart from this, once you have taken the test, you need to have sufficient time to receive your scores and process your admission. Ideally you should take the test at least six months prior to joining a university. Help available at the official web site as well as at various other web sites that can guide you further in this regard.

GRE Resources

The GRE needs a serious approach and an adequate preparation. You need to plan well for your attempt. You will find a number of resources at hand for the test. Guidance is available for every aspect of the exam as follows:

  • Registration: This test's registration is a deliberate process and it differs as per your place of exam. If you wish to take the exam in the US, US territories or Canada then you have phone, mail and online options for registration. For rest of the countries of the world you can register by sending a fax also. The official website, offers free help in this regard. Here you can download the application forms as well as get to know the registration process. This web site also describes a number of test centers available all over the world along with their contact information.

  • Preparation: Standardized exams like the GRE require you to have a standard approach towards your preparation. Your preparation can start by knowing the exam pattern. You can access any web site offering free help for describing the pattern of the test and the syllabus. It has multiple choice based questions and an essay writing section. The ideal approach towards your preparation can start by taking a mock test. You can utilize the available help with the test to find out your take off level for the preparation. This will indicate your strong subject areas and relatively weaker ones. Following are the web sites that offer help in terms of syllabus and sample question papers:

  • GRE Courses Joining a coaching institute or an online course is a very good option for  preparation. Apart from the study materials and the classes, these institutes make you take the mock tests to help you with your  preparation.

  • Additional help is also available in the form of free GRE software. This software makes you understand the pattern of the Computer Adaptive version of the Test . Forums and blogs that are dedicated towards the test are also available for you to clarify your doubts and get valuable information from. It thus helps you with your test preparation. It is also available for the individual sections of the GRE.

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