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It is easier to study from an online guide for GRE if you are used to studying on a computer and can manage to do so without straining your eyes. Else, an online book can be a pain to study from. There are numerous sources through which you can obtain an online test guide. You could look for soft copies of famous books and these can be used in place of online ones. You can purchase online books from some web sites as well. Moreover, you shall be provided with an online book when you join a coaching institute. Even in case you are attending an online preparation course, you shall be provided with online books.

GRE: The Official Guide to the Revised General Test (McGraw-Hill's)

Educational Testing Service or ETS is the organizer of a large number of exams in the world including GRE. A lot of study material is provided to you during the time of registration. This study material is provided free of cost. There are some practice tests and tutorials that can be purchased online. ETS with McGraw-Hill has also published the official guide for preparation forever. You need the latest and most reliable information on the new test format and this guide may be useful. This guide is packed with examples of all the new question types. It claims to have exclusive information on the test's revised electronic format and the test-maker's own tips and strategies for success. It is published by the organizers of the test; this book becomes the most sought after guide indeed.

Barron's How to Prepare for the GRE

Baron's GRE guide has sample test papers with solutions and explanations of the answers. The book covers most of the topics related with the test. These include comprehension, sentence completion, AWA, data interpretation etc. The book also contains a list of words frequently asked in the test. Besides, it contains a list of words with their definitions. You shall also get a CD along with the book. This CD contains a computer adaptive sample test. Since this sample test is close to the real test in terms of structure, you shall get good practice through it. The explanation of the answers is given in the CD and the scoring of your performance is also carried out.

Cracking the GRE with DVD, 2011-2012 Edition by Princeton Review

This guide is also accompanied by a DVD which contains all the new major features including video tutorials. Published by Princeton Review, this book also contains more than 400 drill questions besides four practice tests. It also provides guidance on techniques of test preparation. The guide claims to teach you the techniques to arrive at the correct answer in the Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion and Quantitative Sections. It claims to help you learn how to arrive at the correct answer in problems related with algebra by substitution method. It helps you understand the nature of computer-based tests. There are sufficient drill questions to give you mastery over concepts taught to attempt the test. The practice tests are like those you will find in the real test.

Although we have discussed how a good test guide can help you to get a high score in the exam, but it can only assist you in doing well. You should not expect the guides to do miracles for you. The study and practice still has to be done by you. If you wish to get a high score in GRE, you need to use the guidance provided by the books to study hard and practice well. That is the only key to success.

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