If you are aspiring to get admission in a graduate course in any of the colleges or universities which accept GRE score, you are required to qualify GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and get a high score. It is a very tough exam and getting a high score in this test is a very difficult task. For getting a high score, you need proper planning and good guidance. One of the ways to achieve this aim is by following a good test guide. There are students who have scored very high marks in test without referring to any exam guide but that is very difficult. Appearing for this test without help from any guide is not a good idea and it is recommended that you should follow a good one for GRE and then use it judiciously to solve your problems.

A good test guide should help you to score high marks in this tough exam. There are a large number of guides available for students who wish to appear for the test. These guides are available in all forms. While there are certain books which are equipped adequately to help you as a guide throughout your preparation, others work as a guide for the preparation of specific sections. There are web sites on the internet that provide you with good guidance for your study. Most of these books and web sites charge you heavily for their guidance. However, some of the online guidance web sites are absolutely free.

A Good Guide for the GRE

There are so many guides available for the test that the selection of a good guide for GRE may become very difficult. Some of the advertisements of these guides can be very misleading and can make you select a wrong guide. There are certain factors which you should keep in mind before selecting a good test guide. Before you pick your guide you should be sure of your expectations from a good guide. The aim of the guide should be only to help you to get a high score in the test.

You should look for a guide that has been published by a person or company that has been in this field for some time and has adequate experience in this field. It will be difficult for a person who is himself/herself ignorant about the exam to guide you properly unless he is connected with the conduct of  the test. A test book should be written in a simple language which is easy to understand. A good guide accompanied with a CD and sample questions should be preferable. You may take a feedback from the students who have appeared for the test in the previous year. 

Some of the good ones that are suitable for preparation for GRE are, The Official Guide to the New Revised GRE, Barron's How to Prepare for the GRE Kaplan GRE Exam 2011-2012 with DVD, and Cracking the GRE with DVD 2012 Edition by Princeton Review. Most of these guides offer CDs/DVD's containing software and sample questions which may be useful. There are web sites on the internet which offer to sell these guides (both old and new). You should try and procure a new guide as that will not only offer you the latest edition as per the revised format but also entitle you to get the online facility for the tests and updates. It is recommended that you should see at least a couple of guides before selecting the one that suits you best. You should go through the official guide for sure before finalizing your guide. Since there are a large number of guides available in the market, it will not be possible to discuss them all. Some have been discussed in detail.

Kaplan GRE 2011-2012 Premier with CD-ROM

The new edition of Kaplan's GRE exam guide contains the new strategies for getting a high score. Kaplan has a lot of options and also is one of the leading guides in the market for preparation of the exam. There are a lot of new strategies and practice tests being developed by Kaplan. You can get the updates online if you are following this guide. There are six full-length practice tests. The first is in the guide, five can be taken online, and one is in the CD-ROM. There are a large number of practice questions with detailed explanations. You can also take online diagnostic tests and get feedbacks on your performances. It claims to teach the essential tactics to handle CAT.

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