GRE Exams

GRE - What It Tests and How

The Revised GRE Exams

The GRE has been revised to replace the GRE General Test and it includes new questions that will mirror the kind of thinking that candidates will be required to have in a graduate school. In the Revised exams, considerable changes were made to the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections. Apart from these changes, the scaled scores of these sections were also changed and they can now range from 130 to 170. On the other hand, the scaled score of the Analytical Writing section is still the same and it ranges from 0 to 6. The revised version of the test assesses a candidate's critical thinking skill, quantitative reasoning skill, verbal reasoning skill and analytical writing skill. These are disciplines that are considered to be significant to help a candidate succeed in a graduate school.

Why Was the GRE Exam Revised?

The GRE was revised by the ETS mainly to mirror the kind of thinking that the candidate will be required to have when he is in a graduate school. The revision has also been undertaken to enhance the test-taking experience of the candidates. The new questions that one will find in the exams are now more in alignment with the skills that the candidates require to succeed in graduate schools.

What Does the GRE Exam Tests?

The exams of GRE measure the following skills:

  • Verbal Reasoning: In this section of the test, the candidate's capability to assess and draw conclusions from a conversation is measured. It will also assess whether an individual can understand numerous levels of meaning, choose significant points and to truly comprehend the meanings of the texts or sentences.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: In this part of the test, the ability of the individual to understand and assess the quantitative information will be measured. He will have to make use of mathematical skills in order to solve the problems.
  • Analytical Writing: This is that part of the exams that will measure the ability of the candidate to express complex ideas as clearly as possible and to effectively support his views on the topics provided to him. He will also be required to give examples to accompany his claim or opinion.

Validity of the GRE Result

GRE is a test that is accepted by almost all the graduate schools as well as business schools in the United States. The result of the test is valid for a period of five years. If you wish to take admission in a good college, it is best that your result should not be more than two years old in order to make a good impression on the admission department.

Keep in Mind...

There are various test centres in the world that offers this test. The computer based exams are offered to candidates on a regular basis all year round in many countries. In order to register for this test, you can log on to the official website of ETS ( and create an account with it. Once this is done, you can log in to your account and select the date and testing center of your preference. Of course, you will also have to fill up an enrolment form for this purpose. The payment for this examination will have to be carried out by using a credit card or a debit card. In order to reserve a seat for yourself on a certain date at a certain test center, it is best if you register for the exams as early as you possibly can. Apart from online registration, it is also possible for you to enrol for this test via telephone or mail. If for some reason, you would like to change the date of your examination, it is possible for you to do this by paying a fee of US$50.

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