Dates for GRE Exams

7 Things to Remember When You Choose GRE Exam Dates

GRE or the Revised General Tests are offered to those candidates, who wish to pursue their graduate level studies in the general stream or in business schools. By taking this test, the prospective graduates make an effort to prove their worth for continuing their studies at graduate level. The tests are offered to the candidates in two different formats:

  • Computer-Based Tests: The online or the computer-based tests are offered throughout the year at regular intervals at various locations that are spread across the world.
  • Paper-Based Tests: These tests are available in those locations where the computer-based tests are not provided to the candidates.

For the Revised General Tests, the exam dates and centers are assigned to the test takers on the basis of their priorities.

7 Essential Things to Remember while Choosing GRE Test Dates

Although, the test takers leave no opportunity and give their best while preparing for the test, choosing appropriate exam dates is equally important. We will consider seven essential things that the test aspirants should keep in mind while choosing  dates:

  1. The Computer-Based Tests and the Paper-Based Tests can be taken by the students only once within 2 months. They are also not allowed to take the tests more than five times within a period of twelve months. Therefore, it should be chosen after adhering to these rules.
  2. The choice of the dates is based on the format of the test that is to be taken by the students. Since the computer-based tests are held on several dates throughout the year and the candidates can select the exam dates according to their convenience and the availability of specific dates and locations.
  3. The formalities of registration should be completed in advance in order to avoid complications regarding the availability of test centers on a particular date. The GRE aspirants should try to register in advance so as to get a preferred date and location; and should also check the score mailing dates for the schools where they have applied.
  4. Even though the computer-based tests are available on any date, the test taking opportunity is based on first-come-first-served system. Therefore, an individual should not delay while applying for the test so that he/she can take the test on a date of his choice.
  5. The registration and selection of dates should be completed in a well planned manner so that the test takers get enough time and opportunity to prepare for the test.
  6. For the paper-based tests in particular, all test centers are not available on all dates.
  7. The students must also be careful to check when they would require the score reports based on which dates should be chosen while registering for these tests. Generally, the score reports are mailed to the students around 10-15 days after the test date.

Subject Test Dates - GRE

The subject tests are taken by those students who want to prove their skills in specific subjects and wish to focus on their knowledge of the same. These tests are offered in paper-based test centers throughout the world in October, November and April. The forthcoming subject test dates are as follows:

  • For the students of United States and Puerto Rico, the subject tests are to be held on April 21, 2012.
  • For the students of other locations and US territories, the subject tests are also to be held on April 21, 2012.


The GRE aspirants should pay equal attention to the selection of test dates as they do for preparations. The dates and the receipt of score reports should cater to the requirements of the schools in which they have applied and wish to study in the future.

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