Registration for GRE Exam

How to Plan your GRE Exam Registration?

When you have plans to take the GRE, your first step that you should take is to know the complete details on how to register for the test. Actually the registration process is not that difficult. ETS allows 4 different ways to register: Online, Phone, Mail and Fax. This article provides useful information related to the whole process.

Which Exam Registration Method is the most Appropriate for you?

The registration method of GRE that you can follow depends on the country or region where you reside, and the format of the test you want to take. Before planning to register for the test, you must consider the following points:

GRE Registration Methods for Different Countries/Regions

Though the ETS allows 4 exam registration methods, some countries/regions permit only one to three methods. The following information should be useful for you if you are residing in or planning to take the test in:

United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada

If you are taking the test in any of these locations, you can register for the test through one of the following registration methods:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Mail

Test Location outside the United States

In order to take the GRE in regions outside the U.S, you can register for the test through one of the below-given registration methods:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Mail

Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong

To take the GRE in any of these locations, you must make the registration only through the online method.


This test location does not permit the online registration method. Instead, it permits only the mail registration method.

GRE Registration Methods for the Two Formats of the Test

Computer-based GRE

The computer-based test is available during all the months of a year in almost all the regions worldwide. To take the computer-based format of the test, you can register for the test using one of the methods given below:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Mail

Paper-based GRE Test

The paper-based test is available only 3 times in those test locations where the computer-based test cannot be taken. If you are interested in taking the paper-based format of the test, you can make the exam registration through:

  • Online
  • Mail

GRE Registration Procedure

You can register for the exam online, mail, phone or fax after downloading the application form from the ETS website

Registration through Online Option

Apply for the test through the online option using your 'My GRE Account.'

Registration through Phone

Call the test center/prometric services to register for the test through phone.

Registration through Mail

Post the application form to the address given on the form to register for the exam through mail.

Registration through Fax

Fax the 'International Test Scheduling Form' that can be downloaded from the ETS website to the relevant Regional Registration Center. In order to know about the step-by-step procedure that must be followed for each exam registration method, you can refer to the ETS websites:

You can take any format of the test only once in every two months. However, you are permitted to take the computer-based test for 5 times or less in a year, and the paper-based test as many number of times it is offered by the ETS. The information provided in this article might be sufficient for you to plan for the test registration. Once you have decided the registration method, try to register for the test as early as possible to get the desired test location and test date.