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There are many preparation sources for GRE exam through which the student can prepare himself. Out of the various exam prep sources, the important ones are books and classroom preparation. Let us discuss these two in detail.

GRE Exam Prep Books:

To undertake preparation, the student can take the help of the  books as they contain a number of full-length sample tests along with detailed explanations and answers. The exam preparation provides a concentrated report on each and every test section. A preparation book is the best source of preparation as the student can refer to it as many times as he feels like and also he can carry it with him to any place and can undertake the study at any time.

This method is best suited for a student who wants to take up self-study and can understand the instructions given in the books clearly. The exam preparation gives a good vision of the various styles of test questions that the student will get in the test. The reviews given in the books are basically very extensive and teach the student almost everything that he needs to know. The strategies, skills and the techniques that the books provide help in saving time and the student, by implying these strategies, can solve the problems easily and quickly.

To ace the exam, the student must have a good vocabulary and he can get it only from a preparatory book as it contains a long list of words along with definitions. These books give realistic solutions to problems and helps in expanding the student's vocabulary. These books are the main source of study, as they are a reservoir of information as well as preparation materials. Sometimes, the books written by amateur writers might give misleading information, so the student should be very choosy while selecting a  book. The practice questions that are given in these books are designed in such a way that the student gets knowledge about prep materials and techniques. These books can be referred by that student who wants to get a good result and is thus ready to put in a significant amount of time for preparation.

A good  book gives information of the score scale, the registration procedure and also on the eligibility criterion etc. It helps in making the student confident and more competent. The test format is also explained in detail.

These books are highly recommended as they are intact, comprehensive, thorough, complete, and encyclopedic and are completely focused on the preparation content and format. The student gets to know the various skills, tips, techniques and strategies to deal with the tough questions, and also the time that one should spend on each and every question.

GRE Exam Preparation Classes:

The student can register for preparation classes as these classes provide highly experienced, trained and well qualified guides who provide the student with efficient preparation strategies. In a  class, a student gets a chance to view all the topics that will be covered in the test. By attending a prep class, a student gets in depth knowledge of the various concepts, he learns to draw inferences and integrate the concepts and various ideas together.

These classes teach the students how to identify and distinguish the wrong answer types. Proper time management skills are also taught and the instructors present in the class help the students to develop practical preparation study schedule.

The preparation material provided by a class is up-to-date and is in accordance with the changes made in the test pattern. The practice tests that are given to the student allow him to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses and thus concentrate on areas in which he is weak.

These classes are basically held on fixed days and the preparation is carried out accordingly and thus ensure success in the test. A number of interactive sessions which are held in  prep classes are beneficial as the student gets an opportunity to interact with the other students and share his views and gain a lot of knowledge and exam preparation tips and skills.

These classes should provide a reasonable student instructor ratio and for that they should keep the size of the classroom small. This will help the instructor to give personal attention to each and every student.

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