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Quantitative Reasoning Section

This section of the GRE tests your understanding of the basic concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. You should be thorough with the facts and formulae in order to score high in this section of the examination. The reasoning skills required for solving problems related to the subject areas mentioned above will be tested by the questions asked in the quantitative reasoning section. The questions asked in this section will be related to data analysis and quantitative comparisons.

The quantitative reasoning section of the computer based examination consists of 28 questions that have to be answered in 45 minutes. There will be two sub sections in the quantitative reasoning section of the paper based examination. You will be presented with 30 questions in each section and you will have 30 minutes to answer each of these sections.

Registering for the Examination

The online registration system is the easiest and the fastest method for registering for the examination. You can register online for the examination by logging on to its official web site that can be accessed from You will need a credit card for payment of the exam registration fees if you are using this method for examination registration. You may also register for this examination by telephone or by mail.

The test centers have limited seating capacity and hence they tend to fill up quickly. Therefore, you should make an endeavor to register for a desired test center on a desired test date as early as possible. You can get all details of the centers from the official web site of the examination. You can download the 'GRE Bulletin' free of cost from this web site. This document contains all details of the process of registering for the examination.

Examination Scores

If you are taking the computer based exam, you will be able to view your unofficial Verbal Reasoning section and Quantitative Reasoning section scores at the test center itself after you've taken the exam. The official scores will reach you by mail in about two weeks after you take the test. You can designate up to four graduate schools as the recipients of your scores. This selection has to be made on the test date. If you wish to send your scores to a graduate school and you have already taken the examination, then you may do so after paying additional fees. If you are taking the paper based version then you have to provide the names of the graduate schools of your choice at the time of registering for the exam. More details regarding the scores can be obtained from the official web site of the examination.

You can exercise the option of cancelling your scores at the end of the examination. However, give a great deal of thought before deciding to cancel your scores because once you have cancelled them, you cannot choose to have them reported to either you or to any other recipients. You will also not be entitled to any fee refunds. You will have to register for the examination, retest all over again for having your scores sent to the graduate schools of your choice. Therefore, it is in your interest that you prepare well and do well in your first attempt at taking the GRE.

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