Help for GRE Test

A number of web sites offer information to help you prepare the individual sections of the GRE well. The General Test in GRE has four sections in it. It has a writing section which is used to measure your abilities in critical reasoning and analytical thinking. The other sections are designed to test your verbal, quantitative and analytical skills. The test  also offers subject test for about twelve subjects of specific study. Help for this test is available for every individual section mentioned above. The official web site of the test ( ) also offers you a free software called Powerprep. This software is designed to give you practice for the GRE CAT (Computer Adaptive Test).

GRE for the Quantitative Section

A lot of coaching institutes and online courses offer help for the Quantitative Section. Your concepts of elementary mathematics and quantitative reasoning abilities can be practiced by utilizing the study materials provided by them. Following are some of the web sites that offer help to strengthen your concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis:

GRE for the Verbal Section offers a lot of study materials for practicing solving questions specific to the verbal section in order to enrich your vocabulary. and are some of the renowned web sites that take pride in providing quality study material for the Verbal section. Free vocabulary and practice tests based on the verbal section are given at:

GRE Essay Help

This essay helps the universities in judging the proficiency of the candidates in critical reasoning and analytical writing. The official web site for the test ( is the best place to get all the information about the test along with the practice materials. Following are some of the web sites that offer similar study materials and the test software:

These web sites offer help to prepare you to write good quality essays. The essay also helps the examiner to know your personal opinions and attitude. These web sites offer you lots of sample essays to help you understand the basic outline of any essay. One can also join online courses or coaching institute where you can practice for the writing section of the test. Here you can submit your essays for corrections by the experienced faculty. The valuable feedbacks about your essays help you to grasp the writing skills quickly. Here are some of the tips offered by them:

  • Make an interesting introduction
  • Be concise and focused towards your central theme
  • Use active voice and do not be generic always
  • Revolve around the central idea and use concrete experiences to support your views
  • An essay is a reflection of your personality so do not reveal your weaknesses
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and you must complete the essay in given time


Success at competitive exams like the GRE is possible if one does not leave any stone unturned. The test needs proper planning, adequate study materials and religious study. Help is available at various places and in various formats. You must make full use of the help available at various web sites as it can make you understand each aspect of the exam. Help for individual subjects like GRE is especially useful to plug the gaps in your preparation. You can have an edge over the others if you practice solving test papers by making use of help with the test.

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