Costs Involved in GRE

Costs Involved in Taking the GRE

If you are planning for an international graduation or business degree, among several other important things, you should also be aware of the costs involved. GRE being an essential admission requirement for most graduation/business programs, the costs are also a significant area of concern. Apart from the standard test fees, costs of preparation, additional score reports and special administration services should be considered while thinking of the costs of the test.

GRE revised General Test Administration Fees

For the standard test administration, the test fees may vary based on your test location:

  • For US, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands locations, the fee is $160.00.
  • For all other international test locations, the fee is $190.00.

While taking the GRE revised Test, you may have special administration requirements like late registration, rescheduling or Monday testing, all of which will cost you extra. The fees for various special administration requests are as follows:

  • For late registration (online registration for the paper-based version of the GRE revised General Test), the fee is $25.00.
  • If you need to request for standby testing for the paper-based test, you need to pay a fee of $50.00.
  • For rescheduling a test date or for changing the test center, the costs involved will be $50.00 each.

GRE Preparation Costs

  • Another important aspect to be considered while calculating the total costs is the cost for preparation, including material costs and course fee. While you may find many online resources and official materials free, some others will cost you a reasonable amount.
    • While the POWERPREP II software package and the official practice materials for the paper-based test are available for free download at the official ETS website, some of the other popular ETS GRE preparation materials need to be purchased:
      • The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test will cost you around $35.00.
      • ScoreItNow, an essential online writing practice package from ETS is available at $13.00.
    • Apart from the official ETS publications and programs, the costs might include preparation program fees and the costs of other preparation resources that you may purchase. For example, the test preparation programs of The Princeton Review start at $699.00 and go up to $2,160.00. Depending on the course provider, your location, and the type of course you need - for example, a shorter review program or a comprehensive full time program - the costs involved for preparation may vary considerably. In addition, you may be spending on traveling and for purchasing books and preparation software.

    Scoring Services Fees

    For receiving your official score reports, you need not pay any extra fee. You may also check your scores online for free. However, there are further costs involved, if you want to get additional reports or want to review the scores:

    • To receive your scores over phone, you need to pay a fee of $12.00.
    • Your official score reports are generally sent to all authorized and designated recipients. To send the reports to additional recipients, you need to pay an additional amount of $23.00 for each recipient.
    • If you want to avail the Question and Answer Review Service for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Review sessions, you need to pay an amount of $50.00. This service helps you see the correct answers for the questions you answered incorrectly.
    • For a review of the Analytical Writing score, you need to pay a fee of $50.00.
    • You may avail hand scoring for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the previous GRE General Test and the revised General Test. This will add an amount of $30.00 to your total costs.

    The listed above are only indicative in nature, as not every one might need to request for rescheduling or additional score cards. Also, total costs might involve other expenses like your travelling and accommodation costs, if any. After registering for the test, if you cancel your registration you may be allowed a refund as per the refund policies of the test and based on your test location. For details of the costs and the refund policies, visit the official web pages (; How much the test costs cannot be determined generally, but on a case-to-case basis only. However, you may estimate the total costs of GRE based on the different factors involved and be prepared accordingly.