The GRE is an exam that you need to clear if you decide to join a university in one of the leading countries like the US, the UK and Canada etc. This test contains three sections namely Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Writing sections. The questions are based on the basic fundamentals and grammar that you would have studied during your undergraduate studies. It can be prepared in various ways. Attending a coaching class for GRE is a good option for preparation.

Why should you join a GRE Coaching Class?

Many of you would think of doing self study for  preparation and your undergraduate score may even make you think of getting high scores in GRE without much preparation. But this kind of thinking would just prove to be an overconfident approach. It needs proper planning and regular study. The coaching can help you a lot in this regard. Let us see some of the reasons that lead to a large number of students availing the facility of coaching:

  • The GRE is a test of your math, verbal and essay writing skills. All these sections are quite different from one another and you may not be good at all of them simultaneously. That means you need proper coaching for your weak sections.
  • It becomes a single point entry into top universities as most of the universities in the leading countries consider only the test score as a measure of your caliber. So, to enter into your dream university you must reach their cutoffs.
  • It is a standardized test of your speed of processing the given information and drawing a correct conclusion. So, it is a test of your speed and knowledge. This can be achieved only through proper coaching.
  • The coaching classes are conducted by the experts in this field. They are specially trained for making you prepare for the test in a stipulated time. An expert advice and personal attention can keep you focused towards your goal.
  • At these classes you get adequate study materials and sample test papers.
  • The coaching classes provide you with test taking strategies which are a must for scoring high in the test.
  • Group study helps you remain motivated and you can learn a lot from your peers.
  • At a coaching class you get the facility of taking a lot of mocks tests. Your test papers are corrected by the experts and you get a valuable feedback to improve your scores. Who would not want to rehearse before the actual exam!
  • These classes offer you a test taking software that helps you get accustomed to the Computer Adaptive Test pattern of the GRE.

Types of GRE Coaching

The coaching for GRE is available in various formats. One can join a preparation course or study from a guide. There are a lot of test institutes that offer preparation courses for GRE in classroom sessions. These are available online in the form of preparation software also. Some of the leading institutes and organizations that offer coaching classes can be accessed through the following web sites:

These institutes also offer private tutors for test coaching. These tutors are specially trained and can prove to be very useful for your preparation. A private tutor can plan your study plan as per your take off levels and available time. This can give you totally undivided attention and can clarify each of your queries in detail. Taking a mock test under the supervision of your private tutor for GRE can be very useful for you to tune your speed and attitude for the exam.

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