GRE Analytical Writing Section

GRE Analytical Writing Section-Structure and Purpose

If you want to fulfill your much-awaited dream of studying in one of the topmost colleges around the world, you can choose to take GRE. It assesses both your general abilities as well as specific abilities so that your caliber to join and successfully complete the graduate and business level courses can be certified. The various tests that form a part of its general ability test are the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing tests. These three tests collectively examine your knack for comprehension of a variety of reading materials, your problem solving abilities along with the flair for writing and expressing your thoughts. Let us get a brief idea of the general test sections of GRE.

The Verbal Reasoning test examines your ability to answer questions based on the given passages; such as you may be asked to complete a sentence, understand the author's intention behind a statement, interpret the meanings of words in the excerpt, draw conclusion from the given passage etc. In addition, the Quantitative Reasoning test assesses your ability to solve questions based on the topics such as arithmetic, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability etc. We will proceed with the Writing test in the later part of this discussion.

GRE Analytical Writing Test Structure

The Analytical Writing test of GRE assesses your ability to write creative English that is also easy to comprehend and expresses your ideas clearly. In this section, you have to show your writing competency through two different tasks:

Analyze an Issue Task: An Analyze an Issue Task comprises statements on world issues, recommendations towards solving various problems and claims regarding those problems. What you need to do is to support or oppose a statement, recommendation or claim. To add strength to your writing, you also have to give reasons for your answers and quote examples from the real world. You should apply your recommendations to the actual problems and hence justify your answers. This type of task will be clearer to you with an example. Here is a statement for your reference: 'Nowadays people are more inclined towards low calorie diets to keep their heart healthy.' You have to write for or against this statement, and support your writing with valid reasons. The same way, you may be asked to write your views on a given recommendation about a real world problem such as 'You should switch over to more green vegetables and cut the amount of bread, rice and pasta in your diet.' Now, you have to write in response to this recommendation.

Analyze an Argument Task: Under this task, you have to read an argument thoroughly, understand the assumptions behind it and write for or against it. You also have to give reasons for your answers and support them with examples. To explain this type of task, the same example can be used. Here it is for your reference: 'Since, nowadays, people are more inclined towards eating high calorie diets such as pasta, bread, chips, french fries etc and they exercise less because of their sedentary life style so, they are more susceptible to heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attacks etc. Thus, this will surely increase the number of patients suffering from heart diseases. However, if you switch to low calorie foods such as more green vegetables, almonds etc and exercise more, you can overcome this problem.' Now that you are through with this excerpt, you have to write for or against this argument and challenge or support the recommendation and claim made in it.

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What is the Need for Analytical Writing Test in GRE?

Need not to mention that your way of writing is very important wherever you go. Whether you are aiming for GRE, to take higher education in an English speaking country or to do business in another country, you obviously have to strengthen your English writing ability to express your ideas clearly to others. You cannot advance in your career life or achieve success in a business unless and until you have a flair for writing. During your study time or business in another country, you may experience several social, professional, cultural or ethical issues and you have to apply your reasons and courage to sort those out. Hence, appears the role of Analytical Writing Section. This test section not only examines your expressive writing ability but also assesses your intelligence in solving those issues that might prove to be a hurdle in your path to success. Guess, this description is enough to explain the importance and existence of the test section in the exam.

Are you still confused with this section? Let your plans for preparing for this test section replace your worries about the section. Start the new dawn with confidence and fulfill your dream of cracking GRE by strengthening your Analytical Writing section.

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