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GRE info is important for you to familiarise with the various aspects of the exam. To set and achieve your target score you require the information to not only understand the exam pattern and the scoring pattern but also to know how one needs to prepare for this exam. In this article we will try to answer all about GRE exam.


GRE is indeed a difficult exam and getting a high score requires knowledge, skill, dedication, hard work and a lot of practice. The selection of a good book or guide at an early stage of preparation will be very helpful. You may take help from online tutorials or coaching classes. There are free preparation materials provided by ETS for all the students preparing for this test. This material includes software called Power Prep which contains two practice tests using retired questions. The material provided by ETS will be very useful for your preparation as it is very close to the real test. Preparation for GRE can be broadly classified into three major parts. The first part of preparation for the test is to increase your knowledge base. This can be done by increasing your vocabulary and English grammar. You should also refresh your concepts and formulae of algebra, geometry, arithmetic and data interpretation. Reading essays on different kinds of issues which are general in nature and developing arguments in favour and against them will be helpful. The next step of preparation for this test is to develop skills so that you attempt the exam to the best of your capabilities. This can be achieved by working on your shortcomings through constant practice and hard work. The third part of preparation is to familiarize with the type of questions expected, the syllabus covered and the time allotted to each section. This will give you the much needed confidence and mental peace before and during examination.

GRE Score

The scoring of CBT is done in a technical manner. The scores are calculated according to the difficulty level of the questions in addition to the correctness of the answer. The verbal section and the quantitative section are scored on a scale of 130 - 170 in 1 point increments. The analytical writing section is scored on a scale of 0 to 6. The scores of GRE are valid for up to five years. However with the change in the format both types of scores are valid. This mixed score reporting will be valid until the prior scores i.e. of the old format are, no longer valid. If however you present both sets of scores then, use the new set of scores for the admission procedure as the revised test is more closely aligned with the skills needed in schools.

It is an exam that is essential for all the students aspiring to get admissions in colleges and institutes in numerous countries. A student should work hard with sincerity and dedication to get a high score in GRE.

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