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Sources of free GRE practice tests

When you register for the GRE, you are sent free preparation materials by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) which is the organization that administers the test. Their official web site, contains a number of resources that can be utilized for your preparation including the Powerprep software that contains practice tests in addition to various strategies for taking the test. The official web site contains links to free practice tests and sample questions for GRE. You can also buy additional practice tests and preparation materials from this web site. The preparation materials available at this web site are a hot favorite with students preparing for the test as this organization conducts the test. Therefore, the sample questions and the practice tests contained in this web site are comparable to those asked in the actual test. You should refer to this web site for authentic answers to all your queries and doubts regarding the test format.

You can search the internet for free practice tests using any search engine like the one available at You will see that the search results will give you names of numerous web sites that contain links to free practice tests. You should check out the quality and difficulty level of the questions contained in each practice test before you include it in your collection of preparation materials. and are two such web sites that will give you access to free practice tests in addition to various other resources for assistance in your preparation.

In their bid to outshine each other and bring together as many students as possible for their preparation courses, the test prep institutes are always trying out new schemes to attract students. One of the most successful schemes is that of offering free preparation aids like the free practice tests for GRE. Test prep institutes even go to the extent of organizing free events related to preparation for standardized tests from time to time. This is because there are chances that if students find the free practice tests useful, they may contemplate joining the preparation courses offered by the same institute that has offered the free practice tests. The web sites that offer these practice tests generate some revenues from the advertisements placed on their web sites.

Irrespective of the reasons test prep institutes and web sites may have for providing free practice tests, you should make good use of these practice tests whenever you come across them while surfing the net. Attend all free preparation events being organized in your locality or school. The more you practice the higher is the probability of your scoring high in the test.

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