Best Book for GRE Preparation

As said before, the market offers you a variety of  books to choose from, it is really difficult to say which book is the best. You should go through the content and reviews of the books before deciding which book is the best book for  preparation for you. We will still discuss some of the best preparation books available in the market that will help you to decide the best book for you.

GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test by ETS

This book is one of the best books for preparation available in the market as it is published by the ETS itself. It covers the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections. This book walks you through the test structure, and leaves with minimal surprises during the exam. This book however does not have an accompanying CD. ETS separately provides a free software called POWERPREP which is given to you at the time of registration.

Kaplan's GRE Exam with CD-ROM

This is another book that is considered among the best preparation books available for the test. This book covers all the sections of the test and helps you to prepare for the test. This book helps you to increase your speed during the test by discussing the strategy you should follow while taking the exam. This book contains very good vocabulary and word lists. This book features sample tests built on the outlines of the actual tests. The good thing about this book is that you also get a CD-ROM along with the book which helps you to simulate an actual exam scenario very well. All the answers to the practice tests and sample tests are provided with explanations.

Barron’s How to Prepare for the GRE Test with CD-ROM

This book is also among the best books of GRE and covers all the sections of the test. This book has a good verbal reasoning section; it contains a good vocabulary section covering about 3500 words. This book features 6 model tests which are very helpful while preparing for the test. This book also helps you in improving your skills in math. This book also explains how to manage time during the exam. The tips given to take the test can be really helpful. A CD-ROM is available with the book which is a great help as it contains computer-adaptive model tests. It creates the real environment for the test which helps while appearing for the actual test.

Crash Course for the GRE by Princeton Review

This book is also among the best books. It is helpful for those students who have decided very late to appear for the test and don't have time for the detailed studies. This book is a well organized book and gives a quick brush up for all the three sections. It gives practical tips on the strategy you should follow to take the test. This book contains lots of practice questions with explanations of the solutions. However, this book does not contain full-length sample papers. Therefore, it will be good to supplement this book with some mock tests online.

Writing Skills for the GRE and GMAT (Peterson)

This is one of the best preparation books and focuses on the Analytical Writing Assessment section of the test. This book contains exercises for both types of essays- issue as well as argument type. This book helps you to plan the essay and organize your ideas into introduction, content and conclusion. This book contains many sample essays. This book will help you to improve your writing skills and English grammar.

There are a lot of other preparation books available in the market. Lot of online preparation books will also provide you with mock tests to supplement your test preparations. So you have to decide your requirements and find the best book for yourself.

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