Information About GRE

Everything You Need to Know about GRE

What Is GRE?

GRE or the Graduate Record Exam is a test that is considered to be of great importance if an individual wishes to get admission into a college. If you want to find out more information about the test, you will find that it is an examination that will measure the decision-making ability as well as the intelligence of a candidate. This is actually a computer-based examination that will be held in the official testing centers. If there are places where the computer-based examination is not offered, the candidate can always opt for the paper-based test.

Facts about the GRE

  • This examination is offered in more than 160 nations and there are about 700 official testing centers worldwide.
  • The ETS is the body that created this exam and it has been administering it since then.
  • If you have looked for information about the test, you will discover that it has been revised on August, 2011.
  • It takes around three hours and forty-five minutes to finish this exam and there are short breaks in-between.
  • It has six sections, two Quantitative Reasoning sections, two Verbal Reasoning sections, an Analytical Writing section and one unscored section.

Sections in the GRE

To learn more about the test, you need to find out about the sections that are found in this test. These are:

  • Verbal Reasoning: There are two Verbal Reasoning sections and the questions found here focus on the higher-level cognitive skills. These sections will test the ability of the candidate to understand the text and make use of their reasoning skills. You will have to finish each of the sections in thirty minutes and there will be twenty questions per section. The Verbal Reasoning sections will measure the critical reasoning, vocabulary usage and the comprehension-reading skill of a candidate.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: There are two sections here too and they will measure the knowledge of mathematics of an individual. You will be given thirty-five minutes to complete each section of twenty questions.
  • Analytical Writing: Here, you will be required to write two essays and these will be the Issue Task and the Argument Task. You can spend up to thirty minutes to write each of the essays.
  • Unscored section: If you have looked for information about the test, you must have come across the unscored section. It can occur in any order generally after the
  • Analytical Writing section and it does not contribute towards the score.
  • Research section: This is another section you may find in the test and if it occurs, it will always appear at the end of the exam. This section is not scored.

Registration for GRE

Are you looking for information about registration? If so, you will find that you can enrol for the test by going to the official website ( of the test and registering for it online. Of course, you will first have to create an account with the ETS before you can enrol online. The payment for the test can be made online by using a credit card or a debit card. It is also possible for you to register for this exam via telephone, mail or fax.

To Conclude...

Simply finding out information about this test is not enough if you wish to take this exam. You need to register for the test as soon as you can so as to secure a seat on a date of your preference. Once the enrolment is over, you should then start to prepare for the exam. There are many courses and books that are available in the market and you can easily go through these options and choose one or more of these to help you study for the test. You will also find many free resources online that you can use simultaneously with the course or book that you buy.