Time to be spent studying for GMAT

It is very difficult to say how much time one should spend studying for GMAT. This varies from person to person. If you are a quick learner, you need less time to spend on GMAT studies. But if you require high scores, then obviously you need to put extra hours for your studies for GMAT. It is always better to have enough time for preparation. You should try to figure out according to your schedule how much time you can afford to spend for GMAT studies. If you are planning to take the exam in two weeks time then you have to spend more time to study for GMAT. So before fixing a date for GMAT, you have to identify your weak and strong points and how much time you will need to improve them. You should try to fix a test date which gives you enough time to study for GMAT, say at least four months. This will give you sufficient time to prepare as well as practice the complete tests. Once your test date is finalized, you can chalk out your regular study plan. You should set aside few hours everyday to study for GMAT. You should plan those hours for studying for GMAT of the day when you are highly energetic and fresh, as this will help you to concentrate. You should divide your study time for GMAT in two parts. Half of that time should be spent in studying for GMAT and the other half should be devoted to the practice tests.

You have to devote time to strengthen your fundamentals. You should focus on your grammar and basic math like circle, algebra, equations etc. You should try to do fast calculations as you do not have much time to ponder over one question during the exam. The tips given in your study materials can help you to speed up the things.

A good part of time you are spending to study for GMAT should be devoted to practice questions and sample papers. You can avail online mock tests on different web sites. These tests are conducted in timed conditions and scoring is also done as in actual test condition. These tests give you real idea about your preparations. Once you are aware of your preparation status, you can try to spend some more time to study for GMAT in those areas which need some more attention. The official site of GMAT mba.com provides a free software which is very helpful in the preparations of GMAT. As GMAT is a computer based test, your studies for GMAT should also be computer based. You should practice reading and writing essays on computer. This will make you comfortable with the computer on the test day and it will also improve your typing speed.

It is very important that while studying for GMAT, you should have a positive attitude. After you put your hard work in your studies, you should try to build up your confidence. That helps a lot.

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