Studying for GMAT

GMAT scores are an important selection criteria for the reputed business schools to decide an applicant's generic skills and ability to competently carry out logical constructs. GMAT is a test of a candidate's knowledge which he has gradually acquired over the years of formal education. Getting prepared for such an exam requires systematic study mechanisms to get geared up in a short time.

GMAT test pattern

You should get familiarized with the pattern of GMAT before starting your studies for GMAT. The test has three sections namely verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing. Verbal section measures the ability to understand vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension and sentence correction. In this section you have to attempt 41 questions in 75 minutes. Quantitative Section measures problem solving and data interpretation and basic maths. You have to attempt 37 questions in 75 minutes. So speed is very important factor in these sections. Analytical writing section will test your ability to construct and put down your thoughts in a logical and coherent manner. You have to construct your analysis for or against a given argument in the test. You get 30 minutes to support your views on a given issue, and another 30 minutes to debate on a given argument.

Study for GMAT

Once you are familiar with the test pattern and syllabus for all the three sections, you can plan your studies for GMAT. You should begin the studies for GMAT well in advance and chalk out a regular study schedule that you can religiously follow. You should brush up your basics. You should consult your high school books for the basics of mathematics and English. The market has a lot of study material for GMAT dedicated to the GMAT subject matter like GMAT books, GMAT online preparation material, GMAT courses, GMAT softwares. You should go for the study material for GMAT which covers all the three sections. If you are planning to study for GMAT on your own then you should buy some books which help you to learn the topics of GMAT and also provide lots of practice tests. You should also make sure that the book you are planning to purchase for your studies for GMAT, covers all the three sections of GMAT. GMAT book must contain enough practice tests. It will be better if the book contains sample tests as these sample tests give you the feel of the real test pattern.

There are a number of sites available on the web, which offer online material to study for GMAT. Most of these sites are paid, that means you have to pay some charges to make use of the online study material. These online classes can help you in your self study schedule.

Once you have brushed up with your basics, these study materials can help you with the advanced topics like probability, quadratic equation, deviation in your maths section and effective reading methods in the verbal sections. Concepts of GMAT math are very easy but the way the questions are asked, scare the students. To get high marks in GMAT, you should include a lot of practice tests in your studies for GMAT as practicing builds speed, accuracy and most importantly your knack for numbers.

These study materials help you to learn the strategies and tactics to handle the complicated GMAT questions. You should go through the directions for the questions given in the preparation material so that you save your time while taking the exam. These study material for GMAT will train you to focus more on the early questions as these are harder than the later questions. So the tact is to be careful and go slow in the beginning of the test. You should learn the tips given in the GMAT study material to solve the questions in the shortest time possible.

For analytical writing section, your studies for GMAT should be totally writing based. You should practice writing essays in timed conditions. Writing practice will enable you to construct logics and put your ideas in an organized format. Again here also practice plays a very important role as it will build up your speed.

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