Virtual Study Options for GMAT

Study for GMAT through Virtual Tools

Not everybody can afford the luxury of carrying or storing their study material everywhere they go, but that does not mean they need to suffer the lack of it. Rather, technology advancement has made our lives so weightless that we could be carrying tonnes of literature or study material in our mobile devices, laptops or e-readers and yet not feel the weight of any of it. Today’s fast-paced existence cannot endure the load of additional data or hard copies of study materials, to prepare for this test students often rely on online courses, software in their mobile phones, e-books or online practice tests. If this is how you intend to take GMAT, then read on and be amazed at how well you can prepare with these new-age tools.

Online Courses

The preparation can be a hassle-free experience provided you know what you want. If you are often bogged down with office-hours, social commitments or simply lack of time, then you need to prepare with the help of the many online courses available. The Princeton Review offers students an online course which has nearly 30 hours of self paced online lessons and access to a lot of study materials. The Princeton Review or the Manhattan GMAT also offers a wide range of online courses to aspirants with a free first session can be beneficial because of their reputation for success. Another name in this industry is Veritas Prep, which on its Veriats store offers students a comprehensive package of 42 hour pre-recorded classes which include everything you need for GMAT prep

E-Books and Prep Guides and Practice Tests

It is the era of downloads, hard-bound tomes are a thing of the past. Comprehensive study material ranging from practice tests, essay grading services, prep-guides, e-books on essay writing and verbal sections to free resources like flash cards and online study materials are all available just waiting to be downloaded and read from. A link for e-books that can be useful is which will further guide the student to file links for downloading the required e-book. These sites although verified for viruses or malicious software, it’s always wise to re-check. Free resources from the Manhattan GMAT too can be used for studying and here one can benefit from downloadable flash cards . Essay grading services and practice tests too can be used for free at Free diagnostic tests to discover your weak areas are also advised as a good way to start your study for GMAT and the free GMATPrep software at too will surely be of help.

Videos and Applications

Mobile phone applications and videos of free lectures or interactive sessions are surely a fun way of optimizing on your prep time if you are always on the go. Why waste your travel time when you can watch videos, download study sessions or listen to lectures which will groom you further for the test Fun apps for GMAT flash cards are available at itunes both from Manhattan GMAT and Kaplan GMAT at & . Lectures and interactive study videos for the different sections of the GMAT are also available at and . The official website for GMAT also provides students with useful virtual tools like the Quantitative Diagnostic tool which can be of great help for the Quantitative techniques section.

There is no dearth of study materials for your preparation, be it free or paid-for. The options are many and aspirants can benefit from the comprehensiveness of these study materials, which keep in mind the time, content and instructor quality so as to best serve the purpose of good preparation for GMAT.