Details About Princeton Review's GMAT Options

Princeton Review for GMAT Preparation

So you think you have the business acumen in you and nothing could be better than to hone your skill by pursuing management education? One has to take a standardized test such as GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test, the scores of which are considered mandatory for admission to the leading business and management schools.

When preparing for GMAT, one needs to have the right kind of mentor to help him/her achieve the optimum score. Although, there are several options to consider, Princeton  is worth a mention as it has been mentoring the test takers with guaranteed results.

  • Why Select Princeton?

    The course has been designed not only to suit your budget but also to provide a tailor-made learning experience at your convenience. Its smart, enthusiastic instructors will definitely guide you to achieve the best. To start with, it offers a free GMAT practice test to identify your strengths and weaknesses which is indeed helpful to help you decide your test preparation option.

  • Princeton Test Preparation Options:

    There are a wide array of test preparation options to choose from, such as

    • Private tutoring
    • Small group instruction
    • GMAT classroom course
    • GMAT live online
    • GMAT online course
    • GMAT books

Princeton Private Tutoring: This option gives you the maximum flexibility as you get the undivided attention of your tutors. The tutors of Princeton adapt to the learning style of each student.There are the private tutors, master tutors and premier tutors all of which are highly skilled and efficient in delivering the results.

Princeton Small Group Instruction: This includes 18 hours of live instruction to a class size of four students. It also provides simulated 7 full-length Computer Adaptive GMAT practice tests.

Princeton Classroom Course: This option provides 21 hours of live instruction with 7 full-length Computer Adaptive GMAT practice tests.

Princeton Live Online: The live online instructions provide 22 hours of instructions covering all the important GMAT concepts.

Princeton Online Course: The online course is for the self directed learners who can get maximum flexibility through their 30 hours of interactive self-paced lessons. The highly skilled instructors are available online 24/7. Besides the computer-adaptive practice tests, you will also have access to more than hundreds of highly interactive multimedia lessons, practice tests etc.

Princeton Books: While there are a number of Princeton Review GMAT books to select from, Cracking the GMAT needs a special mention as it contains proven strategies and techniques besides the number of tests and drills with full explanations. For more Princeton GMAT books you can log onto

The fundamental workshops of Mathematics are meant to brush up your mathematical concepts with four hour live online sessions which are divided into sessions of two hours each. You can attend these sessions as many times as you like; besides, there are also 250 questions available online for additional practice.

If you are aiming for the 700+ score to get into the best business schools, GMAT Hard Math live online classroom is a good choice. The two and half hour session includes practice drills with more than 300+ questions with tips and tricks to master the concepts. The drills also work on your time management skills to give you the extra edge to tackle the computer-adaptive test.

 In spite of putting your best foot forward, if  you are unable to get your expected scores, Princeton Review is willing to work with you all over again for free. Think about it!