Powerprep GMAT

Powerprep for GMAT Preparation

PowerPrep GMAT (GMATPrep) software is one of the best software available to prepare for GMAT. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) designed the software as a diagnostic test for students to measure their aptitude or readiness to appear for GMAT. You can either download the free version of Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep ) (or order the CD-ROM) from the following weblink:


The questions in Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep) are designed using the pattern of questions in the actual exam. Because it simulates the actual test, you can understand the kind of questions to expect. Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep) software includes practice questions for each type of question. This is supplemented with detailed answers and explanations. It also includes two full-length computer adaptive practice tests, wherein answers are included but explanations are not provided with the answers. Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep) also comprises GMAT pacing practices and a comprehensive review of the math section.

Making the best use of Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep)

The way you use Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep) depends entirely on you. You might want to go through all the tests on a day-to-day basis until there aren’t any tests remaining. Doing so will exhaust the question bank and you will face the same question the next time you access the software. It is usually best to leave one test so that you can attempt it prior to the actual GMAT to check your readiness for the exam. Because it provides you with near accurate scores, you can judge whether you are prepared to face the actual test. If you feel that you have “run out of questions” in the software, you can re-install the software so that the questions do not appear as “used”. The following websites provide information on installing and re-installing the software to gain maximum output from the Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep):

The advantage of Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep) is that the question bank for the quantitative section is much larger than the question bank for the verbal ability section. As a result, if you take tests repeatedly, you will notice more new questions from the math section than the verbal ability section. However, the question bank for the tough set of questions is relatively small. It is best not to expect tough questions when attempting from the software because the test is not adaptive. It is only designed to give you a feel of the test interface and the actual test. Because of time constraints, the actual GMAT test does not have many tough questions. In order to download the software, you need to register yourself on the official website.

A Word about the Software

However, there is a caveat to Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep). Unlike the early years when Powerprep GMAT (GMATPrep) was launched, it is not a one-stop-shop for practicing test papers. It is important that you supplement this with other practice tests so that your preparation is complete. You must remember that the software is only an indicator of how you will fare in the exam. Therefore, it would be wise to use the score to prepare adequately for the test.

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