Tips on Obtaining a Perfect GMAT Score

How to Obtain the Perfect GMAT Score

There is no arguing that GMAT opens a gateway to the topmost business programs in the world. Aspirants everywhere try to achieve a perfect score in order to secure admissions to these programs. But the question is what exactly a perfect or good score is for you? If you have done some research you will know that there is no well defined cutoff from the university side, there are only median scores. To give you a certain idea here is a list of some median score that are taken as standard-

  • Harvard MBA program-720

  • Stanford MBA program-720

  • Wharton MBA program-710

  • Yale MBA program-710

What does a perfect score for GMAT mean?

Here the important thing you should know is the difference between a median score and a mandatory score. You cannot hope to get admission into a top MBA program without getting a mandatory score, where as a median score is only a guideline and there is nothing to suggest that your application won’t be accepted if you score below the median score. Most of the MBA programs around the world consider applications even when you score up to 40-50 points below the median score (but you would only have a slim chance in such a case).

So now if you are sure about the universities that you would like to apply to, then you can get information about their required median scores from their websites. Once you know this you can make a relatively accurate assessment on what will be the ideal score for you. One point that you should remember is always prepare for a score that is slightly above this ideal score that you are aiming for. This way even if you end up scoring a bit less than your prediction, you will be in the safety zone.

After you have good score in the test, your application will be your only lifeline. Remember to give a lot of time in preparing your application because it will make all the difference. Even if you are below the median score, your application can get you an admission to the program of your choice and even if you are above the median score a bad application can harm your chances. It should be well thought out and have some unique features, that catch the eye of the university panel.

Now that you know what a perfect score is, you can get down to your preparation accordingly.

How to prepare for it?

Here are a few tips that will help you attain the required score-

  • Always start with a self assessment test; this will help you in judging your strengths and weaknesses. You can find this test on the official site . Once you know your weaknesses, you can work on them individually.

  • Join a proper coaching/preparation program. Many of you may think that self preparation will suffice, don’t be so sure. Self preparation is suicide!! There are a lot of strategies and tools that you will only get in a coaching program.

  • If you think you don’t have enough time to join a regular class, find a private tutor. This way you can define the timings and you get all the benefits of a coaching program as well. However be careful in your selection of the tutor, it be decisive in the end.

  • Have a regular schedule. The timings are totally your choice, but once you decide, stick to it! You can never have enough practice without having a proper regular schedule.

  • Join forums or groups related to GMAT. This will keep you updated on the latest developments in the world of business. You will get in touch with professionals and ex-students who can guide you through your preparation. You can also learn new methods of doing particular sections of the test through these discussions.

  • Keep taking online mock tests periodically. This will keep give you a reality check on your preparation. Judge yourself critically and proceed to work on your weak areas. You can find such tests on many online portals including the official site mentioned above. If you are a part of a regular program then you don’t have to worry about taking tests, your institute will take care of it.

  • Find someone with whom you can study. Studying alone can really get boring at times. When you have a partner you can study with a mutual feeling of competition and fun.

  • Always maintain a timer when you study. This is essential while you are attempting a mock test or even if you are practicing problems. This will help you to pace yourself according to the timing restrictions. Even if you are doing well with your practice, without a timer you will be lost when you go for your actual GMAT.

  • Don’t depend completely on shortcuts. Until you are thorough with the concepts you should not use shortcuts in problem solving. This way if you get a problem where you can’t use the shortcut, you will be in trouble. Only the concepts can help you there. Go to the shortcuts some weeks before your test only for speed and not as a replacement for the concepts.

You should always have the score you want to achieve in mind while practicing and your commitment to achieve it will make all the difference in the end. Even you are a weak student you can reach your desired score, provided you are ready to work. All the best!!