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Official GMAT Website- Your Information Hub is the official GMAT website. The site is the hub of information for all GMAT aspirants, so much that you need not look elsewhere for any guidance or information about GMAT. The site is self-sufficient because it provides information starting from the basic premise about wanting to choose a B-school to how GMAT will evolve over time.

The official GMAT website includes tabs that are placed in a logical sequence. The first tab is called “Why B-school?” and it describes about a degree in business management, the benefits of an MBA degree, the types of candidates appearing for the exam, and stories from business colleges.

“The GMAT” tab includes all the information about the actual test. You can use this link to register or reschedule for the test. The official GMAT website includes a 10-point checklist that can help you to initiate your preparation for the exam. It provides strategies you can use during the exam, such as reading the questions, allotting time, selecting answers, and writing essays. You can also download the free test preparation software to determine your level of preparedness. The GMATPrep software is available for free download after you have registered on the official GMAT website.

The official GMAT website provides information about the kind of things to expect on the day of the test. It describes the rights and responsibilities that you have when you appear for the test. It provides a checklist of items that are permitted in the test center. It also provides you information about how to address your concerns or grievances about the test or test center.

The most useful part about the official GMAT website is that it tells you about how the test pattern will change in the future. For example, in the next GMAT exam, you can expect to find an “integrated reasoning” section lasting 30 minutes. Moreover, samples of new types of questions introduced in the exam are provided in the form of online tutorials so that you understand the nature of such questions and understand how to solve them. The FAQ link is especially helpful because it answers the common queries you might have. The site also provides information about understanding and managing your score reports.

Other pertinent information about financing your degree, selecting B-schools, applying to schools etc is available on the official GMAT website. The official GMAT website also offers expert blogging options to help you connect with an expert to guide you through your queries about GMAT.

The official GMAT website or has an in-house store that has abundant prep materials for GMAT. Popularly known as the “Official Guides”, the prep materials are available in the form of books, software, and mobile application. Because the official GMAT website publishes the materials, they are more relevant and updated compared to all other available products. Furthermore, you can buy books on specific topics, such as verbal or quantitative, to focus on particular areas. Online courses and assessments are also available. A practice tool to practice writing essays is also available. You can use this tool to improve your writing skills. This is an online application wherein you write your essays and it is evaluated immediately. It provides tips to organize your thoughts so that you can improve your essay writing skills.

In case you want to prepare yourself before starting your course at a B-school, you can buy books called the “Business Ready””series or select the online self-assessment tool called “CareerLeader®”.

Thus, the official GMAT website is a comprehensive site for reference because it provides information from the stage of inception to catering to your requirements even after you have gained admission to a college.

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