Official GMAT Guide

What Does GMAT Official Guide Hold for You

The first prerequisite for scoring high in the GMAT is dedication and vigorous preparation. You must be committed and patient throughout your preparation period. For making your preparation more worthy, you need to follow a good GMAT guide which can help you with improving your knowledge, test taking abilities and also by providing strategic test taking tips for a better performance. One such good GMAT prep book is the official GMAT guide.

About Official GMAT Guide

The official GMAT guide contains a set of books that are published by the GMAT administrators. They are the authorized publications for the GMAT. The official GMAT guide consists of books that cover all the sections of the GMAT individually as well as a full GMAT comprehensive guide for the benefit of GMAT aspirants. The main intention behind the official GMAT guide is providing the aspirants with the right guidance regarding the exam format, the types of questions asked etc. The official GMAT guide provides you with many practice tests with sample GMAT questions for your practice. This helps you to understand the test pattern as well as get acquainted with the original GMAT format.

Official GMAT Guide Publications

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition, The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition, is The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition are three publications exclusively for helping you crack the GMAT. These are written by the insider experts of the GMAT. These three books are available as GMAT bundle which is priced at US $72.85. You can also purchase these books individually as per your requirement.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition Mobile App is a mobile version of the official GMAT guide and is priced at only US $4.99. This is a latest version for the benefit of students who can utilize it for their preparation from a phone itself. The official GMAT guide series also consists of other prep packages like online GMAT study pack which consists of two modules for your preparation online. They are the GMAT Focus and the GMAT Paper Tests. These are priced at US $159.96. All the above mentioned official GMAT guide publications excluding the mobile app are available as bundle known as GMAT Prep Pack and is priced at US $209.99.

What does Official GMAT Guide Hold for You

The primary intention behind all these official GMAT guide publications is providing benefit to the many GMAT aspirants from the GMAT administration expertise point of view. Hence, you will have a good material in hand once you buy the official GMAT guide publications whatsoever. They provide you innumerable questions sequenced in order of difficulty by making it easier for your preparation.

  • The official GMAT guide consists of a total of 907 questions of which there is a 100 question diagnostic test and the rest 807 questions for your practice sequenced in the order of difficulty.
  • You will have 270 essay topics for improving your skill in the Analytical Writing Assessment section.
  • You will be provided with many comprehensive explanations to get yourself cleared of misconceptions and myths of GMAT.
  • The Quantitative as well as the Verbal Official GMAT guide books consists of 300 past actual GMAT questions each with 75 of them new ones to help improve your aptitude as well as your language skills.
  • The GMAT Focus is an online quantitative diagnostic tool for improving your test taking abilities and also to help you with your time management skills as well as making you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The GMAT Paper Tests consist of out of circulation full length GMAT exams for your practice to understand the type of questions asked in the actual GMAT.

This way, the official GMAT prep books benefit the GMAT aspirants in many different ways. They provide you with every skill that you would ever require to crack the GMAT with exceptionally high score.

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