Importance of Manhattan Review for the GMAT

Manhattan Review for GMAT

A thorough preparation is the key to scoring high in GMAT. There is a plethora of preparation courses available and it can be an overwhelming experience to choose the right one. A detailed research of all courses and other preparation materials available is a must before opting for a GMAT preparation course. The internet is an excellent source of information in this regard. Any search engine will bring up tons of information on the various preparation courses available. However, it is important to identify the relevant contents form the irrelevant ones and not waste precious time. Communicating with peers and friends and participating in the discussion forums can help you know more about the most effective preparation courses available. Of the many good preparation courses available today, the Manhattan Review is worth a mention.

  • About Manhattan Review:

    Manhattan Review, founded ten years ago by Professor Joern Meisnner PhD, is an admissions and training firm based in the US. It boasts of a faculty comprising of industry experts, Ivy League School PhDs and graduates with top test scores and extensive teaching experience. Manhattan Review focuses on helping its students achieve the highest score in examinations including GMAT, LSAT, GRE and TOEFL. It has presence in almost all the major cities in US and India, Hongkong, London, Germany and Singapore. Manhattan Review students have been accepted by top business schools around the world including Wharton, Harvard, London Business School, Columbia, Oxford Said Business School, INSEAD, IE and many more.

  • Manhattan Review courses for GMAT:

    Manhattan Review's courses for the GMAT are broadly divided into two categories. They are the 'In-person GMAT Classroom GMAT' courses and the 'Interactive Online GMAT' courses. While the classroom courses are available in select cities, the online ones are available to students anywhere in the world. All courses have unlimited class hours as opposed to others providing preparation courses. The other unique feature is the online library to which all students have access. Manhattan Review has the following courses:

    • Crash GMAT Prep course: This is a short 16-hour course stretched over a weekend.
    • Intensive GMAT Prep course: This is one week, 28-hour course.
    • Long GMAT Prep course: This is a 28-hour course spanned over 6 – 8 sessions.
    • Online GMAT Prep course: This is a 28-hour online course stretched over 9 weeks.
    • GMAT Tutoring: In-person tutoring is available in the major cities. For a global audience, the tutoring is done online.
    • GMAT Online Recording Library: The Online Library is available to all.
  • Features of the Manhattan Review course:

    All the courses offered come with unlimited classroom hours and access to the online library for all students. This is truly a unique feature of the courses. The course is taught by experienced faculty and experts who can provide working knowledge of the GMAT. The class sizes are restricted to less than twelve which guarantees more attention to every student. There are 1- 2 dedicated instructors for Mathematics and Verbal sections who are available throughout the duration of the course. All courses have been designed to provide an effective curriculum enabling the students to understand and grasp the concepts required for the test better. Apart from the course books, 5 challenging online computer adaptive tests are available. Home study guidelines are also provided to the students in addition to support via emails, discussion forums and blogs. This company claims to be able to improve the GMAT scores by 60 to 120 points. With Manhattan Review, many students have scored more than 700 on the GMAT and have been accepted in the top business schools of the world.