Test preparation industry is growing by leaps and bounds in today's world. Test preparation institutions are mushrooming in all the major cities across the world. These institutions provide educational assistance, books and software to students preparing for various standardized tests, entrance exams and licensing exams. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized exam which is mandatory for students who wish to join management programs offered by business schools in the US and in many other countries across the world. The GMAT is an extremely difficult and challenging test and you have to be well prepared in order to attain high GMAT Scores. It is essential for you to score high in the GMAT to get admission to a reputed management program of your choice. There is cut throat competition for admissions to management programs offered by reputed business schools. Therefore, there is a growing demand for institutions that offer high quality GMAT preparation and guidance by means of adequate study material and teaching expertise. Manhattan GMAT is one such institution that caters exclusively for students preparing for the GMAT

Manhattan GMAT Centers

Manhattan GMAT conducts preparatory courses only for GMAT. The Corporate Headquarters of Manhattan GMAT are located in New York City. Manhattan GMAT centers are located in many cities across the US. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Philadelphia and San Francisco are some of the cities where these centers are located. The international centers of Manhattan GMAT are located in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The teaching faculty employed by Manhattan GMAT comprises of experienced classroom instructors who have had high GMAT scores themselves. The official web site of Manhattan GMAT claims that all the teachers in its staff have scored a 99th percentile in GMAT. Therefore, they are able to impart expert guidance to the students based on their own personal experiences. GMAT prep programs offered by Manhattan GMAT are subject to the center where you've registered for a prep course. After you've registered with Manhattan GMAT for your GMAT prep, an initial assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will be carried out. A personalized study plan will be designed for you that will utilize the time you have in hand, in the best possible way, to achieve the GMAT scores that you desire.

GMAT Prep Course

Manhattan GMAT offers complete GMAT courses, one-day classes and free GMAT workshops in a number of cities across the world. You can also avail the facility of private tutoring and small group tutoring with Manhattan GMAT. You can even opt for night classes or weekend classes. The Manhattan GMAT Centers can plan either a three-month tutorial or a three-week course or a course for a few hours designed to suit your requirements. The 9-session GMAT prep course offered by Manhattan GMAT teaches you the entire mathematical and grammar content covered in the GMAT. The prep course works towards improving your skills in the areas which are tested by the GMAT. You are taught various methods of attempting difficult exam questions and answering them correctly leading to a high GMAT score. You can also enroll for the Manhattan GMAT's Live Online Course. This course is designed in such a way that the teacher can interact with all the students, who're online, at the same time. The teacher can also set up and manage small group rooms for break-out sessions and impart instructions in a real-time environment.

The web site includes a complete listing of all the preparatory programs offered by Manhattan GMAT. The web site also provides GMAT related information. You can send in a request for more information on Manhattan GMAT by sending an email to

Curriculum and Study Material

Manhattan GMAT's philosophy of test preparation is based on test-taking strategies and a thorough GMAT content understanding. The prep courses include various strategies for scoring high in the GMAT with a great deal of emphasis on deep content understanding which is essential for success in the GMAT.

Manhattan GMAT has launched a whole range of GMAT study guides in the market. A variety of these guides are available in leading bookstores throughout the world and also on the internet. is one such web site where you can buy Manhattan GMAT Guides. The students attending Manhattan GMAT prep courses are taught from a wide range of study material. These books are also available for purchase from the online store of Manhattan GMAT. Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides, Manhattan GMAT's Online Practice Exams & Question Banks, The Official Guide for GMAT Review (11th Edition),Manhattan GMAT Challenge Problem Archives and Test Simulation Booklet and Marker are some of the books that form part of the Manhattan GMAT curriculum

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