Books For the GMAT By the Manhattan GMAT Company

The Best GMAT Books by Manhattan

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the critical elements when it comes to getting admission to the top business or management schools. Preparing for such a standardized test requires a thorough preparation wherein you have to remain focussed on your commitment. Although there are a number of preparatory books, some prove to be way above the rest for their systematic and comprehensive coverage of the test topics. The books published by Manhattan have been highly recommended by most test takers for their all inclusive coverage of the test topics.

  • Manhattan GMAT Foundations of GMAT Math:

    Want to strengthen your basic Maths? Then pick this one up. With its 9 chapters covering more than 600 practice problems, you will master the concepts from the clear explanations on the fundamentals of Math. You can also go online for additional practice questions to reinforce your concepts.

  • Manhattan GMAT Word Translations Guides:

    Among the different books available, this one gives a good coverage on probability and statistics. You will also have access to 6 computer-adaptive tests to assess your performance levels. The only downside to this book is that it also lacks in enough practice questions, especially for the advanced questions on statistics.

  • Number Properties GMAT Strategy Guide, 4th Edition:

    This book concentrates on the analysis of properties and rules of integers which are tested in GMAT. With its easy to understand explanations, it provides a comprehensive coverage with tips and tricks to improve your speed and accuracy. The arrangement of the questions in a progressively difficult manner makes it for a very systematic and thorough revision.

  • Manhattan GMAT Critical Reasoning:

    The Manhattan GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide is a breakthrough book developed along with two other books for the three major question types encompassing the GMAT verbal section. The treatise on critical reasoning (CR) is pretty thorough in its analysis; however a parallel reading with the CR Bible from PowerScore is indeed more comprehensive. Manhattan GMAT CR book is a little less comprehensive on theoretical reviews of each question type. However, Manhattan GMAT CR offers more enumerative examples including the online practice examples as compared to other books.

    The advantages of the Manhattan GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide are that the examples are well-formed and apparently share the same legacy of the official questions. The 6 computer adaptive tests by Manhattan GMAT, enables the student to fairly analyse his/her own level.

  • Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Guide:

    Like the rest of the books from this publication, this one is highly recommended and is most often referred to for help in sentence correction questions. The Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Guide helps the students to work on the grammar rules. This helps the students to get a clearer understanding of the grammar concepts. The major and minor grammatical principals are tested in the well structured and systematically organised examples.

  • Manhattan GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide:

    The Manhattan GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide is most useful in that aspect, which is hardest to master in the preparation for GMAT. While other books would be on general or verbal strategy guides, when it comes to details, this one is a sheer winner for its extensive number of practice examples.

Supplementing the Manhattan

You can invest in any of the specialized books for your target study, or you can invest in all the 8 guides from Manhattan. Whichever options you choose do not forget to supplement it with the Official Guide for GMAT Review, as it contains the retired questions from the actual tests, giving you a fair idea on your preparation level.