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A very important aspect of the Manhattan prep courses is the simulated practice and timing exercises. These exercises are essential for you to be comfortable with the CAT format of the GMAT. Time management is very crucial when you are taking this test. There is a fixed time period within which each section of the exam has to be completed. You will not be able to answer all the questions within the stipulated time frame if you've not had enough timed practices. The CAT format is designed in such a way that you are asked questions depending on your intellect and your ability to answer the questions correctly. Therefore, it is essential that you acquaint yourself with this format before you appear for the test.

Manhattan review owns a computer adaptive online test engine. Practice tests based on the CAT format are available online for its students. The questions asked are based on the test content which is updated regularly to include the latest quantitative and verbal topics. You receive a score at the end of your exam which is calculated by a carefully calibrated scoring algorithm. You are also given explanations of the answers to each question and the time that you spent on each question. Therefore, at the end of the practice test you will be able to identify your weak and strong areas. You and your teachers can now work on improving your weak areas. You can retake the exams after sometime and assess the improvements that you've made.

Free GMAT Classes

The company also offers free Preview GMAT sessions and free Trial Virtual GMAT classes to introduce students to the prep programs offered. The free preview workshop is available online also. It will introduce you to an overview of the test and a discussion on the approach to be adopted for achieving high scores. This workshop will also include a question and answer period which will give you an experience of what is to be expected in the exam. It deals with various aspects of GMAT, especially the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) format and the content to be reviewed for the preparation. You can attend the first session of the online Virtual GMAT Classes conducted by Manhattan. This session is of 3 hours and it will be free of cost. In this free initial session, you will be able to communicate with the teachers imparting instructions and other students attending the class.

After the initial free session of the Virtual classes, you can register for the entire course or you can decide not to join the remaining sessions of the online class. You can get information on the full schedule of free events and other upcoming options in your area by accessing the official website at You may even receive an access pass for a free practice test by coming to any of the Manhattan free events.


Manhattan review preparation programs have helped a number of students in scoring high in the GMAT for admission to a management program of their choice. However, the decision to enroll with a prep course rests entirely with you. The main disadvantage of a prep course offered by a reputed test prep company such as Manhattan is the high cost involved. You are the best judge in deciding whether a prep course is worth all that money. If you have been able to identify your weak areas you can go in for self study also. As far as the study material is concerned, most of the books are easily available in the market and also on the online store of Manhattan. You can buy the books and take a couple of practice tests to see where you stand. You can then decide to go in for a crash course, online course, full course or self study as per your requirements. Remember, it is always hard work that pays off in the end. No test preparation institute can ensure your success in any exam unless you put in your best effort and commitment.

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