GMAT verbal review

Verbal section is the last section of GMAT and this section tests your verbal reasoning and critical thinking. Before starting your GMAT verbal review, you should be clear about the format of this section. There are three types of questions namely-reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. So while planning your GMAT verbal review, you should divide your time in three divisions as all the three types of questions need your attention.

Reading comprehension is about analytical questions that pertain to a passage that is provided. Usually, passages are related to science, social science and business based topics. You should go through the passages carefully and look for the keywords. While reviewing GMAT verbal section, you should concentrate on your reading ability and pacing as you do not have time to read through the whole passage again and again.

Critical reasoning is about your ability to make arguments, and evaluate arguments. You should be able to evaluate an active plan that is for or against an argument. The base of the passage comes from various sources. Sometimes, you might not be able to relate to the subject matter at all. So you should read the passage carefully. If you are studying from some GMAT verbal review material, you will be able to apply logics in these types of questions. GMAT verbal review will enable you to identify assumptions and conclusion in the passage. The main tip which is always very important is practice.

Sentence Correction is about correct grammar and correct expressions. Sentence correction questions are generally sentences with some errors. Sentences might have many errors. Correct answer should be able to eradicate all the errors.

In verbal section, you have to solve 41 questions in 75 minutes. So you have to be very careful about solving questions in a specific time period. You can not waste much time on one particular question. Therefore apart from your studies, you have to keep track of your speed. You should learn tactics to solve questions in the shortest time possible. Your GMAT verbal review should be focused on your fundamentals like grammar and vocabulary. Your GMAT verbal review should be planned according to your requirements. There are various preparation methods like books, study classes and online study material which can help you to review GMAT verbal section. The preparation material, which you are using to review your verbal section should contain lots of practice questions. By reviewing your GMAT verbal systematically, you will learn specific strategies to solve the questions.

The best way of cracking GMAT is by practice. You should take many practice tests. These tests identify your weaknesses. Also these practice tests give you an idea about the time management. There are many web sites which provide online mock tests, you should try to take these exams, as these exams are conducted under timed conditions and give you the feel of real test. The practice tests also give you an idea about how scoring is done.

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