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The Verbal section in the GMAT helps business schools to judge the candidates' abilities to comprehend the written material and reason it out correctly. It has three subsections with multiple choice answer based questions. These subsections are reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning. The raw scores of the Verbal section are from zero to 60. These are then converted to a scale of 200 to 600. The final scores are calculated based on the number of questions answered and the difficulty level of each of the question answered correctly or incorrectly.

GMAT Verbal Help Resources

There are various coaching institutes and websites that offer advice for tackling this section. Since the test is held in most of the countries, you will find the coaching institutes spread all over the world. These institutes have specialized courses and experienced faculty to teach you. The courses are well designed and are aimed at making you score high in the test. These institutes design your study plan and approach in such a way that you can attempt maximum questions of the exam correctly. One can also join an online course for the preparation of the test. You can also appoint a private tutor to give you methods to solve questions in this section. There are a number of websites that offer you free study materials for the test.

The Verbal section is composed of three subsections: reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction. The reading comprehension is aimed at finding out your abilities to understand and analyze the given information. You may find sample reading comprehension questions at These  resources teach you how to understand the words and the phrases from the given paragraphs, how to correlate them and draw inferences from them. The critical reasoning subsection is about reasoning the given argument, finding the underlying assumptions and drawing the conclusion. In the sentence correction subsection you need to choose a correct answer choice that best describes the given idea or expression. Some of the websites that offer study aids in terms of courses, study materials and software are as under:

How to prepare for the GMAT Verbal Section?

There are certain standard steps that one can use to attempt the Verbal section effectively. It is a section that tests your reading and reasoning skills. You can therefore start by judging your take off level in this section. There are various websites that offer you free sample tests for this section. Here are some of them:

Princeton Review- Free GMAT Demo


Peterson's Free GMAT Test

Once you solve some of these sample tests on the Verbal section you will come to know how strong you are at it. Since this section is divided into three subsections you will also get an idea about your relative strengths and weaknesses in those sections. With this you can chalk out your study plan according to the time available with you. Then next thing is to collect the study materials for this section. You can download study materials from any of the resources mentioned in the previous section. The success in this section largely depends on how strong you are at your vocabulary. Therefore, you must give special attention in improving your English vocabulary. As soon as you finish a topic from the Verbal section, you must solve sample questions on it. Almost every website provides plenty of test material in this regard.

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