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Where Will You Find the Best GMAT Tutors

A meticulous preparation is important for success in GMAT. Every individual opts for a different style of preparation according to what suits him the best. While some may prefer self-study, others might find joining classroom coaching for GMAT more useful. There is a wide range of institutions that offer GMAT preparation courses. While some GMAT tutors may be restricted to a few major cities in a country, some have grown successful enough to provide services at many locations around the world. Private GMAT tutors are another option available to the individual for GMAT preparation. It is imperative for the candidate to research thoroughly all the GMAT tutors available before joining. There are many popular GMAT tutors available some of which are listed below.

  • Veritas Prep:

    VeritasPrep is one of the leading providers of college test and admission services in the US. It has several options for classroom and private tutoring for MBA aspirants for GMAT. VeritasPrep offers classroom courses of 42-hour duration, 15 practice tests, more than 1500 practice questions, instructor support over the telephone on all seven days of the week and 45 hours of online lessons. Every instructor working for VeritasPrep has qualified for the minimum instructor percentile score of 99 percentile. The course locations are conveniently based near public roads or highways for easy access to students. In-person private tutoring services are also provided by VeritasPrep. VeritasPrep is one of the best GMAT tutors available for GMAT preparation. For more information, visit:

  • Kaplan:

    Kaplan Test Prep is one of the oldest GMAT Tutors. Kaplan courses run for duration of approximately 25 hours with provisions for live instructions in 28 countries. Unlike Veritas, they do not have the advantage of instructors available on the phone. Kaplan's courses are designed on Adaptive Learning Technology which is exclusive to Kaplan. The courses enable personalized attention to the students focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. Kaplan does this with the help of their trademark technology Smart Report. Smart Report gives a complete report on the practice tests taken by a student and lists out the strengths and weakness of students. In this way, sections where maximum points can be gained in GMAT can be identified and focused upon for an individual.For more information, visit

  • Manhattan GMAT:

    Manhattan GMAT is a subsidiary of Kaplan and consists of a team dedicated to developing preparation courses for GMAT. Manhattan GMAT boasts of the best talent in the industry with a minimum instructor score achieved in an actual GMAT pegged at 99 percentile. Once selected, the instructors undergo a rigorous training session which enables them to teach better. As the team concentrates only on GMAT, the courses, techniques and problem solving strategies designed are focused strongly towards GMAT. In the duration of a course, 6 computer adaptive practice tests are provided to the students. On the downside, they have the provisions to hold live instructions in a less number of countries. Manhattan GMAT is fast gaining popularity as one of the best GMAT tutors. For more information, see

  • Choosing a GMAT Tutor:

    GMAT tutors are expensive and the decision to join a classroom should be taken wisely before making the investment. There are several private tutors who offer tuitions at a much lower cost and you may benefit from the individual attention. It is best to first visit the GMAT prep institution and get as much information as possible, including the percentage of students who secured a high GMAT score, before enrolling. GMAT tutors play an important role in the preparation for GMAT. It is advisable that you take some time to research for the best GMAT tutors available close to you that can help you get a high GMAT score.

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