GMAT Preparation Software

You can prepare for the GMAT in many ways. One can join a coaching institute or appoint a private tutor. You also have an option of joining an online course or simply follow a self study routine. Appropriate study materials are what one needs to prepare for the test. The study materials are available in various formats. Computer-based software is one of the easiest and convenient ways of studying for the test.

GMAT Tutorial Software

The test is conducted in computer adaptive format. Therefore, if you use the test software, you can automatically get the practice of taking an online test. It contains three sections: the Verbal, the Quantitative and the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment). The Verbal and the Quantitative sections are made up of questions based on multiple choice answers. In the AWA section you need to write two essays.
The test is designed to test your aptitude in verbal and quantitative reasoning. It is also a test of your written English and expression of your organized thought process. Many of you would prefer to study online. Computer-aided learning is designed especially for these candidates. It gives you a lot of convenience. All the sections are covered in depth in such software. It explains you the complete process of the exam. You get to know the exam pattern in details. Once you have understood the types of the questions that are asked on every section of the test, it is easier for you to plan your study. Every concept of the Verbal and the Quantitative section is explained with a number of examples. Some of the materials also include a course on the AWA section. With this you get to know the techniques of writing essays.

Websites for the Software

Some of the websites that offer you test simulation are:

The official website ( offers you free prep software. You are advised to download it and start your preparation with it. Once you have studied from it you can think of taking any other software. The cost of these software can be found out from the internet.

Benefits of using the Preparation Software

Let us summarize the benefits of using prep material in software format:

  • Know the exam pattern in detail.
  • Learn every concept of the exam with examples.
  • Special focus on improving the vocabulary which can help you for your Verbal and the AWA sections.
  • Lot of practice question papers to solve.
  • Automatic score calculation while you solve the sample question paper.
  • Answer to every question is given along with the explanations.
  • Gives you feel and practice of the Computer Adaptive Test format.
  • Pace your preparation as per your understanding levels.
  • No need to go out to any coaching institute and you can study at any time of the day.

Software such as POWERPREP also includes the strategies about how to take the aptitude tests like the GMAT, which is not only a test of your knowledge but is also a test of your speed of processing the given information to come to the correct conclusion. Therefore, the tips provided by the prep materials are very useful for you to prepare your strategies to solve the paper.

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