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The most reliable GMAT Training Classes

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test which is conducted all over the world to seek capable students who have a flair for advanced business studies. This computer-adaptive test assesses the reasoning skills of the students through verbal, mathematical and analytical writing tasks.

Although the questions are based on the basics of grammar/math, it can be a tough nut to crack if you are not prepared well enough. GMAT Training is offered all around the world to help the test takers to not only clear the GMAT exams but also achieve the required scores. Some of the reliable classes which give result oriented GMAT training are given below.

  • Veritas Prep GMAT

    The Veritas offers a very rigorous GMAT training of 42 classroom hours with as many as 15 computer adaptive tests. The practice questions are of the advanced type hence prepares you to tackle difficult questions with ease. If you fail to achieve your target scores they will provide you with a repeat course for free or they will pay your money back. As far as availability is concerned, it is available in 90 cities across 20 countries. Check out if your city offers the Veritas GMAT training. Although it is a bit heavy on your pockets it is worth every penny!

  • Knewton GMAT Prep course

    It is a relatively new GMAT training program which offers 40 hours of live classes. You can also view the recordings online as often as you like for a period of one year. This GMAT training is a bit different from the traditional test prep classes in that it uses adaptive learning software and live video to deliver full length online course to its students. The Knewton GMAT training also offers extra workshops for those who want to improve their specific skills in any section. The adaptive learning software customizes its contents to monitor each student’s performance. This GMAT training course with its online format is an affordable and a convenient option especially for those who are frequently travelling.

  • 800 score com Complete GMAT Prep Package

    The GMAT, being a computer-adaptive test, timing is very important wherein most students underperform due to the lack of pacing strategies. If you are one of those who cannot go beyond a question till you have cracked it, then this course is definitely for you. Besides teaching you the pacing techniques with their comprehensive practice questions you can also practice essay questions and get them graded with the help of an E-rater which is the software used in the actual GMAT exam to grade essay questions. The GMAT training offered by 800 score is a steal when it comes to pricing, with quality still being a priority.

  • Manhattan GMAT

    When it comes to the expense aspect, this GMAT training is more expensive than most of its competitors; yet they are not apologetic as they feel with their top-notch instructors and a comprehensive curriculum they will provide the students with the target scores to reach the top business schools, provided, the students put in their best. You can sign in for the traditional nine week course, which at present is available only at 15 locations. There is also a live online course and a private tutoring. It is definitely recommended if you are not put off by the price factor.

Although there are many other prep classes which specialize in GMAT training, the above mentioned classes have been recommended by most test takers. While opinions can be divided on the efficiency of a course, it is a good idea to get feedbacks from previous test takers who have taken the course, especially with regard to instructors as the working style of all instructors, however skilled they are, may not appeal to you.

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