GMAT Testing Dates

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a general aptitude test which is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). GMAT score is one of the selection criteria to get admission in the business schools all over the world. These schools use the GMAT scores as a measure of the candidate's ability to do well in the business schools. GMAT is a test of basic concepts of students which they have learnt over the years of their formal education. Your high score in GMAT will help you to get admission in a reputed business school. These scores are valid for 5 years from GMAT testing date. GMAT tests your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills. This is not a test of your personal skills or your business knowledge.

GMAT test is a computer adaptive test in many countries but it is available as paper based test in the places where it is not still possible to conduct computer based exam.

GMAT Testing Dates

There is no fixed GMAT testing date. You can take this exam through out the year. GMAT is conducted round the year during normal working hours. However, there is one week in every month when test is not available. You can choose GMAT testing date and time according to your convenience. Test centers at few places may not be permanent therefore they offer GMAT only on certain GMAT testing dates, so it is always better to decide about your GMAT testing center early.

In few countries which are technically not developed, GMAT is available as paper based test and is offered only at few times throughout the year.

Computer Adaptive GMAT is available in all the major cities through out the world from Monday to Friday during working hours twice a day. So you can fix your GMAT testing date at the time of registration either online or by phone. To get a required GMAT testing date, you should try to register as early as possible. Usually students try to fix GMAT testing dates between September and December, so GMAT testing dates between these periods fill up quickly. If you are also planning to fix a GMAT testing date during that period, then it is better that you register yourself as early as possible. All the information regarding the GMAT test and GMAT testing dates is available on which is the official registration site for GMAT. You can take GMAT as many times as possible but there are many schools which take the average of your scores in all the attempts you made. So you should always check the policy of the business school where you are applying. So to be on the safer side, you should prepare thoroughly before taking the exam and then take the exam to score good marks.

It is also possible to reschedule your GMAT testing date but on an additional payment of $50. That has to be done at least 7 days before the scheduled GMAT testing date. If you cancel your scheduled date before 7 days of the scheduled date then you will get a refund of$80 only.

GMAT Testing Center

After deciding to take GMAT, first thing you should do is to register for the test. If you wish to register yourself for the exam, you should select your GMAT testing center. You should try to select a GMAT testing center which is near to your place. That will provide gives you comfort on the exam day. After you have selected GMAT testing center, you should do the registration as soon as possible because GMAT testing center of your choice may get filled up and then you will end up fixing a test center which is not suitable to you.. You can register yourself online, through phone or by sending a mail or fax to your desired GMAT testing center.

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