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Quantitative Section

In this section of GMAT testing you will have to answer 37 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes. There will be two categories of questions, data sufficiency problems and questions on problem solving. The questions will be presented in a mixed order. You should have a clear understanding of the basics of algebra, arithmetic and geometry in order to score high in this section of GMAT testing. Many test takers are afraid of this section of the GMAT because they lack confidence in their math skills or have not studied math for many years. The quantitative section of the GMAT has the most content to review. Questions of this section of GMAT are designed to test your understanding of underlying mathematical concepts.

Verbal Section

There are 41 questions on critical reasoning, sentence correction and reading comprehension in this section of GMAT testing. The time allotted for answering all the questions is 75 minutes. For the verbal section of GMAT you should be thorough on key grammar rules such as, errors in verb usage, pronoun usage, comparisons, and idioms. Sentence correction questions of the verbal section are designed to test your ability to identify written English that is grammatically correct. Critical reasoning questions test your analytical and critical thinking skills. The reading comprehension questions test your understanding of the implication and meaning of the passage presented to you.

GMAT test is conducted throughout the year. There are many GMAT test centers available all over the world. Permanent GMAT test centers are located in almost all the major cities across the world. You should register for GMAT at the earliest because GMAT testing centers which are in demand fill up very quickly. By delaying your GMAT test registration, you may end up taking your GMAT test at a distant GMAT testing center which may not be suitable for you. You can register for the GMAT by phone, fax, courier or through online registration. In case of registering online or through phone the student should be able to make the payment through a credit card.

You can exercise the option to have your score sheet sent directly to the business school of your choice. It takes 15 to 20 days for the official GMAT testing score sheet to reach you after you've taken the GMAT. You should carefully plan the date on which you would like to take the GMAT so that your scores reach the business school of your choice before the deadline for submission of applications for admission. If you are not satisfied with your GMAT scores you can opt for a retest. To retake the exam, simply follow the same procedures. However, you are allowed to take the GMAT once every 31 days, and only 5 times per year. Your GMAT scores are valid for 5 years after you take the exam. Your GMAT score sheet will contain GMAT scores of every GMAT testing that you've undergone in the last 5 years. So, you should carefully plan your retest because it may create a negative impact on the admission committee if it is seen that you've been appearing for retests consistently, without any major improvement in the GMAT scores. Therefore, you should carefully plan your GMAT preparation and put in adequate effort and hard work so that you achieve your goal of high GMAT scores in preferably your first attempt at the GMAT.

Online GMAT Testing

Online GMAT testing is nothing but GMAT CAT. Since it is gaining so much attention and is so convenient for test takers as well as test administrators, it is only obvious that online GMAT testing should be your choice of testing method. There is nothing much you need to learn about using computers for taking online GMAT testing. You need to understand how to navigate from one question to the other and how to fill in your answers. For learning these basic functions, all you need to do is take the help of some friend or instructor who can give you basic computer knowledge. Besides, there are very few people who do not know basic computer operations. Online GMAT testing is available in almost all testing centers across the world. Check with the GMAT testing center of your choice if they have the facility of online GMAT testing before registration.

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