Registration for The GMAT

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Online GMAT Exam Registration

If you decide to register online or through internet, you must sign up as a registered user at the web site Once you are registered, you can fix up your GMAT test center and date on the internet. You can pay your fee online by using your VISA/ MasterCard/American Express/ JCB credit card or debit card.


For registration through fax, you need to have the form. You can download it from the official web site. Fill up the form with all the details. The fee is to be paid by a demand draft in favor of Pearson, VUE. The fax should be sent on the fax number of your regional registration center at least 7-8 days prior to your first choice of the exam day.


You can also register by mail. You have to mail the form for registration. The appointment scheduling form can be downloaded from the official web site of GMAT. Ensure that your form is completely filled before mailing it. The draft for the fee payment has to be enclosed along with the form. The draft is to be made in favor of Pearson, VUE. Keep in mind that it can take up to eight weeks for letters to reach the U.S. from some countries. Therefore, this option should be exercised if no other option stated above is available in your location.

GMAT Exam Registration for Students with Disabilities

The special students who want to undergo the GMAT, can register themselves by providing their medical documentation for their disabilities. It may take around 6-8 weeks for taking a decision on your disability, so you must try to send documents well before time. Students with disabilities should send their forms and all medical papers along with the fee to the concerned office.

Rescheduling GMAT Appointment

Rescheduling your GMAT date should not be done unless it is absolutely necessary. In case you have to opt for this, you have to pay US $ 50 as a fee to reschedule the date, time, or location for this exam. However, if you reschedule your date and time within seven days prior to your appointment date, you will be charged the full registration amount. You can reschedule your exam appointment via mail, phone, or fax. You can contact customer service of your region in case you have any query related to this.

Whatever mode of registration you choose, you have to agree and accept all the terms and conditions stated in the GMAT bulletin at that time.

Few Things to Remember

You should bear a few things in mind before applying for the registration procedure. You should fill in your name and birth date correctly in the form. It should match with the identification card, which you are planning to present on the exam day. Gather as much information, about the exam and the registration process before filling up the form, as possible. This information can be taken on phone or on internet or by a personal visit at the regional registration center. Do not leave yourself with any doubt before filling the appointment scheduling form. While filling the form if there is any doubt then feel free to contact your regional office and then fill up the form after clearing all your doubts. Do not submit an incomplete form as it will cause inconvenience to you later. Do not leave the procedure pending until the last day. There must be enough gap between your exam date and sending of your form so that if you have any doubts, then you can clarify them on time.

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