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GMAT Exam Prep Guide to Help with Self-Study

Self study through a good GMAT exam prep guide is a good option for saving time and money spent on preparation. You must zero in on a good GMAT exam prep book that covers the entire syllabus of each section of the exam. Looking for the right GMAT exam prep guide is not an easy task. You will have to make extensive research on the Internet or in local bookstores for finding the correct GMAT exam prep guide for yourself. The official web site of GMAT shall be of great help for you to choose a GMAT exam prep guide. Before you go to the market to purchase a GMAT prep guide, make sure that you have at least four book son your list. In case your first choice is not available, you can buy your second choice. There is seldom any benefit in waiting for any book to be available. Firstly, you waste the time that the book takes to be available and secondly, there might not be anything worthwhile in the book to keep you waiting for so long. Besides, there is no guarantee that you shall be able to get the book unless you reserve a copy. Since GMAT exam prep guides are reasonably priced, one can easily afford more than one book for his prep.

When you go to buy a GMAT exam prep guide, make sure that there are sufficient sample solutions and practice tests in the book. Look for test papers from previous GMAT administrations in the book you buy. Most books these days contain CDs of software to assist you in preparation. These software are especially useful for the CAT format of GMAT.

Nonetheless, self-study still remains student motivated and requires a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the student. Set definite goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. Many students prefer to prepare in groups with friends. You could also try this option if you have a good set of friends who you are sure shall help in and not hamper your preparation. Sharing of GMAT study materials with friends can be light on everyone's pocket. You could decide and buy one GMAT exam prep guide each and share notes to get the best of all popular books.

Whatever be your method of preparation, take a lot of practice tests and solve sample test papers. Most GMAT exam prep guides contain sample questions papers. However, they do not contain an instructor and you have to yourself keep a check on the time you take to complete a test. Besides, you have to be sincere to yourself. Taking timed practice tests shall help you boost your confidence. If you can practice on a computer, then it shall increase your confidence manifolds.

An important aspect of GMAT is the essays to be written in the analytical writing assessment section. Remember that the GMAT exam prep guide you purchase is replete with sample essays and tips on writing similar essays on various topics for your practice. Some of the web sites which provide you with sample test papers are given below. These web sites provide you with sample test papers, which can be downloaded on your computer:



To conclude, there is no shortcut to success. To succeed in your test, the only thing required is hard work. Work with utmost honesty and sincerity towards achieving your goal. There will be times during your preparation when you will feel frustrated. Nevertheless, that should not bog you down. Think of the end result. Think that once you get through the exam you are going to scale greater heights in your life and your career. Your success is in your own hands. So, motivate yourself to study hard to achieve that success.

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