GMAT Test Preparation

In order to get admission in US colleges administering management programs, one has to clear an admission test known as Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT. The test is also known as GMAT CAT since it is a computer adaptive test. A computer adaptive test is the one in which the questions of he exam are adapted according to the ability of the student to answer them correctly. One question is displayed at a time and the correctness of the answer determines the quality of the next question. A correct answer will fetch you a more difficult question and vice versa. A student who answers the questions correctly and faces difficult questions as a result of it has more chances of obtaining a high score as compared with a student who answers most of his questions wrongly and gets to solve easier questions only.

The exam tests you for basic English and mathematical skills. The exam starts with the AWA or analytical writing analysis section in which one has to write two essays. One essay is based on analysis of an issue and the other is based on analysis of an argument. Each essay has to be written in 30 minutes.

The next section is the quantitative section. The questions in this section are in the form of multiple answer choice questions. There are two basic types of questions specific to the GMAT test. These two types are problem solving and data sufficiency.

The final section of GMAT is Verbal section. It contains questions in the form of multiple answer choice questions. Three sub-sections of this section contain questions related with critical reasoning, reading comprehension and sentence correction. These questions specific to the GMAT are not easy to answer until you undergo vigorous preparation.

GMAT Test Preparation

To initiate GMAT test preparation, you need to be aware of the test format, syllabus and type of questions asked. After an analysis of the time you shall require for GMAT test preparation, register for the GMAT. Make sure that you spare at least three months for GMAT test preparation. Consequently you should decide the manner in which you need to undertake GMAT test preparation. You can study on your own, join a coaching institute, study with friends, take coaching form a teacher or ex-students etc. One or a combination of more methods can be effective for you depending on your requirements.

Coaching Classes

For joining a coaching institute, you need to analyze the reputation of the institute beforehand. Survey the institutes in your vicinity and gather information about the results obtained by the alumni of the institute. Attending coaching classes can be a time consuming affair, keeping in mind the extra time required to complete the assignments and homework given on a regular basis. In case you are busy otherwise, you can also consider joining a coaching institute that coaches for GMAT test preparation on weekends. In such coaching institutes for GMAT test preparation, you come across other students like you who are preparing for GMAT. Their experiences can be a great help for your GMAT test preparation. A professional coaching institute will ensure that you get enough practice through sample questions and mock practice sessions. This form of GMAT test preparation helps in learning time management skills.

Online Coaching Classes

Online coaching is a good option for GMAT test preparation. These classes are very convenient to attend if you have a good Internet connection and a computer at home. The time that you would otherwise spend on commuting to a coaching institute is saved and so is your energy. You are able to spend the extra time in revision and assignments. Make sure that the coaching classes you join online provide you with ample practice tests for GMAT test preparation. Besides, ensure that the course provides interactive sessions with instructors for clarification of doubts.

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