Many of you would be dreaming of joining one of the finest business schools of the world and earning an MBA degree. The GMAT is a test that should be cleared with high scores to attain a place in your dream school. The GMAT is a standardized test and needs a standard approach. Therefore, it becomes easy to plan your approach towards the GMAT. GMAT test help is available for every area of the test. There are a lot of coaching institutes and web sites that offer GMAT test help. Let us know about them.

GMAT Test Pattern

The GMAT test helps the business schools to judge your aptitude in critical thinking, analytical writing and quantitative reasoning. These are the skills required for you to complete your studies at business schools successfully. The GMAT test is divided into three sections: the Verbal section, the Quantitative Reasoning section and the Analytical Writing section. The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections are based on questions with multiple choice answers and the Analytical Writing section is about writing essays. The GMAT test is not a test of your memory or undergraduate GPA but it is an opportunity for you to build up your reasoning skills. The GMAT test preparation helps the candidate to start thinking critically and practice organizing his thoughts for the given task.

GMAT Test Help Resources

The GMAT is a renowned test and is taken by thousands of candidates all over the world. It is conducted at hundreds of test centers everywhere and is applicable for more than 1500 business schools throughout the world. This gives an immense importance to this test. Therefore, there are a lot of resources available that provide GMAT test help. There are a number of web sites that offer complete guidance about how to take the GMAT. One has to register himself for the GMAT first. The official web site of GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council),, provides you GMAT test help about the GMAT registration. You may find various web sites that offer online courses for the preparation of the GMAT. You can also avail sample question papers for practicing every section of the test. There are a number of GMAT prep software also available for you. Let us see what kind of GMAT essay help is available for you.

GMAT Essay Help

The official web site provides you the complete GMAT essay help in terms of what to expect from the Analytical Writing section and how it is scored. The Analytical Writing section of the GMAT contains two essay writing tasks. Each of the essays is allotted 30 minutes. The first essay is about an analysis of an issue and the second one is about an analysis of an argument. The GMAT essay helps the business schools to measure your writing skills and the ability to think critically. The topics selected for the essays are not related to any special field. The topics are of general nature and you just need to analyze them critically and present your views in the strongest possible manner. There are a lot of web sites and coaching institutes that offer you GMAT essay help in terms of courses and software. The best place to start your preparation is the official web site of GMAC Here you will find sample arguments for writing essays. Other famous web sites that offer the GMAT essay help are as under:

The GMAT Analytical Writing section is scored by a computer as well as a human. The computer software checks your essays and follows stringent standards while checking the structure of your essay, grammar, organization of ideas and variation in their use in the sentences. Therefore, software for the GMAT essay can help you a lot in preparing for this section.

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