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Taking a Retest

The last date of submission of application forms for admission plays a very important role in your selection of the GMAT exam date. After you've decided the management programs which you would like to apply for, you should register for the GMAT at the earliest opportunity. After you've taken the exam, it takes 10 to 15 days for the official GMAT score sheet to reach you. You can also opt for the GMAT score sheet to be sent to the business school of your choice directly. In case you are not satisfied with your scores and you feel that they are not high enough for you to gain admission to a business school of your choice, you can take a GMAT retest too. There should be a gap of 31 days between two consecutive GMAT tests that you take. You can appear for a maximum of 5 retests in a year. After taking the retest you will again have to wait for 10 to 15 days for the official GMAT score sheet to reach you and to reach the business school of your choice. The GMAT exam date should be selected by you after carrying out detailed calculations keeping the above mentioned aspects in mind. You should not wait till the deadline to take the test. Your GMAT exam date should be such that it leaves you with adequate time in hand for receiving your scores and also for planning a retest, in case you feel one is required. It will be a good choice to select a GMAT exam date 2 to 3 months before the deadline expires. Plan backwards from your GMAT exam dates and incorporate a minimum of three months for learning and practice.

You should keep in mind that though there should be a gap of 31 days before taking a retest, sometimes one month may not be sufficient for you to carry out your GMAT review due to other commitments at hand. You may require more than a month to prepare for the GMAT in such a way that you score more than you did in your previous test. Therefore, the selection of GMAT test dates is very crucial as far as your success in the GMAT exam is concerned.


You have to distribute your total studying goal over all the days available until the GMAT exam date and commit to study a bit each day. Your daily study routine should include a fixed amount of time to be spent studying. You should try your best to stick to your study schedule and approach the GMAT exam date at a slow, steady and comfortable pace. Consistent daily studying will positively affect your performance on the GMAT.

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