GMAT Test Dates

Preparing for GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a very serious task. The exam is quite complicated and it is difficult for students who've been out of touch with studies for quite sometime to attain a high GMAT score. GMAT preparation involves detailed planning, lots and lots of practice and adequate utilization of time available. Some students retain their knowledge of the basics of mathematics and the standard rules of grammar long after they've finished high school, but there are a large number of students who may have to review these basics. A good command over English grammar and a solid knowledge of the basics of geometry, algebra and arithmetic are essential to score high in GMAT.

Choosing a GAMT Test Date

Taking out time for GMAT preparation may be a problem especially if you are still studying or doing a job. You'll have to plan your GMAT preparation in such a way that you are able to take out time to study. Students generally wait to study for GMAT till their schedules clear up and they're able to find time slots for studying daily. But in case their schedules don't clear up, they are not left with any other option than to burn midnight oil and mug up everything a couple of weeks before the exam. The result is low GMAT scores. Even if you think that you can improve later with a retest don't forget that your GMAT score sheet contains GMAT scores of all GMAT tests that you've taken in the last 5 years. Think of the impression that you will create on the business school admission committee with a wide range of varying GMAT scores spread over a couple of GMAT retests. Many business schools will average all your scores. You should get in touch with the schools to which you are applying to find out their policies and then plan your strategy accordingly. There are business schools that take only your best score; they do not average scores. In this case you can plan on preparing for two GMAT test dates. The higher of the two GMAT scores will be considered by the business school admission committees.

This calls for detailed planning in selection of your GMAT test date since your GMAT preparation and your success in the exam depends on it to quite an extent. You should plan to take your GMAT exam well before the deadline. GMAT is a computer adaptive test (CAT). It is completely computer based. Pearson VUE is the company responsible for administering the GMAT across the world through its network of computerized permanent test centers. A majority of the permanent test centers are situated in major cities across the world. GMAT is taken throughout the year in the permanent centers. There is no specific GMAT test date. This makes the task of selecting your GMAT test date a lot easier. You can select a date on which you would like to take the GMAT depending on your availability and convenience. The centers that are not permanent offer the GMAT only on certain dates throughout the year.

Choosing a Test Center

The first step to be taken in order to register for the test is to select a test center. The entire list of test centers is available on the internet. You can visit web sites like or to get detailed information on GMAT test centers and GMAT test dates. You can select the center that is convenient for you. Each test center has its own schedule of GMAT test dates and accommodates a varying numbers of students. You can register for the GMAT after you've selected the test center where you would like to take the GMAT. Most of the test takers choose a GMAT test date between September and December. The result is that the GMAT test dates between September and December will fill up very quickly due to the limited seating capacity of test centers. So, if you also want to select a GMAT test date in this period, you have to register for the GMAT as early as possible. Mostly students are not able to get a GMAT test date in this period in their desired testing center. Therefore, many of them are forced to choose test centers far away from their locations to get a desired GMAT test date. You should check out the various GMAT test dates on which the test is offered at the selected test center. You can even pay for the test and reschedule it on You can register for the test either online or by phone or mail.

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