Selection of Appropriate Test Centers for the GMAT

How to select the most appropriate GMAT test center

Almost every student taking an MBA entrance exam is well-versed with the term GMAT which is expanded as “Graduate Management Admission Test”. This test is used as a criterion for taking admission into Business Administration programs principally in the United States and other countries too. The exam is so popular that it occurs every year at about 530 test centers across 111 countries. Obviously, one cannot take the test at any test center. One needs to take a meticulous decision while selecting a few of them based on one’s comfort and availability of seats.

Steps to select the most appropriate test center: In order to search for the most convenient testing location, one needs to register oneself at the official website for GMAT Once one becomes a registered user of the website one needs to schedule an appointment to take the exam. An appointment can be fixed either online, or by phone (available on the official website and also in the GMAT guide book) or by fax, or by mail, etc.
In order to register by fax one can directly download the International Test Scheduling form from the official website Scheduling the test is the most important step to be taken before searching and selecting a test center, as only after getting an appointment with GMAT can one be informed about the seat availability at a particular test center and at a particular date and time.
For online registration, one has to fill up the form (available on with relevant details. On completing the online registration, one can search for the nearby centers. The website displays a minimum of 5 test centers and a maximum of 20 test centers which are very close to one’s area. The search is limited to a distance of about 2500kilometers from the place of residence. The same information can also be accessed via phone.
Thus, based on one’s convenience one can decide over which location would be the best to apply and can then register for the test by doing a phone call or by fax or by mail/courier service. The official website even tells one about the route to reach the most preferred center.

Selection of GMAT center outside one’s own country: One has to take note of the fact that if one wants to select from testing locations outside one’s own country then in addition to the registration fees one has to pay service charges (for certain transactions and requests of relevant documents) and tax amount fixed for each country. The tax rate ranges from 5% to 20% in excess of the basic fees (US$250) for registration.

Another important aspect to be kept in mind while deciding the test dates and hence the venue is the application date for various universities. One should take the test and obtain the results sufficiently in advance to apply to one’s universities of choice.


Before one goes through tiring days and nights to prepare for an exam, one has to complete some important tasks without which one cannot think of taking the exam. The same situation arises when one is getting ready for this exam. The first thought that comes across one’s mind is the thought of a convenient place for taking the exam on a date of one’s convenience. This activity demands one to be very quick about scheduling an appointment with the GMAT – in fact as soon as one decides on taking the exam. This helps in selection of the most appropriate test centre at a convenient time. The article enunciates the key steps that are required to be followed for selecting the most appropriate test centre. This should be useful for all GMAT aspirants.