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One of the best sources of information for GMAT is the online GMAT test information. Through sources of online GMAT test information you can find access to a number of sources of preparation as well. Online GMAT test information should be obtained from reliable sources only as there are a lot of sources of online GMAT test information that do not contain authentic information and can mislead you. The official web site is the most reliable source of online GMAT test information. This web site should be your first source of online GMAT test information.


The quantitative and verbal section of test is a GMAT CAT test i.e. computer adaptive test. In GMAT CAT test the computer displays one question at a time, from a large pool of questions based on the content and difficulty level. It starts from a medium level and then gradually adjusts the level of questions as per the answers given by the candidate. It means if you have answered any question wrongly then the next question will be comparatively easier and in the same way if you are able to answer correctly than the next question will be one step ahead on difficulty level. The difficult questions have higher weight age and the candidate can score better. In a GMAT CAT test, you can neither skip any question nor can you change the answer of a question. It is strongly recommended that no question should be left unattended.

Before the GMAT test you will be given some time to familiarize with mouse, computer and scroll bar functions. You will not be allowed to leave your desk other than for the two optional breaks of 5 minutes each which you get in between the two essays and between the quantitative and verbal sections

How are the scores calculated?

The GMAT test comprises of four different scores: An analytical writing score, a verbal score, a quantitative score and a total score. Total score consists of both the quantitative and the verbal score. The total score is on a scale of 200 to 800 and this does not include your essays score i.e. analytical writing assessment. Your essays score will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.

What will I do with my scores?

You can send your GMAT test scores to 5 universities of your choice. You have to search and decide these 5 universities of your choice before you attend the GMAT test. After receiving these scores management will decide to contact you within the days.

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