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Features of GMAT Test Study Guide for the Quantitative Section

The quantitative section of GMAT is one of the most dreaded sections. Unlike popular belief, it is not a very difficult section to tackle. You can score well in the GMAT quantitative section provided you have enough information of the types of questions that appear in this section. One good source of information and practice is a GMAT test study guide especially designed for this section. Look for a GMAT test study guide that has ample tips and sample questions for the quantitative section. Be careful to choose the guide that has the latest syllabus. There should be enough explanations of the correct answer with emphasis on each step of calculation. At times GMAT study guides do not contain complete steps of solutions and this makes comprehension of answers difficult. It is not necessary that you buy the latest GMAT test study guide, it is more important to buy a good GMAT test study guide.

Features of a GMAT Test Study Guide for the Verbal Section

The verbal section is perceived as the most easy section of the exam. However, it is not necessarily so. It can have the greatest impact on your overall GMAT score. The GMAT test study guide that you purchase for this section should contain tips and strategies for handling complex questions. The basics of English grammar on which questions in competitive exams are based should be explained in the GMAT test study guide. The technique of elimination of seemingly wrong answers is especially effective in this section of GMAT. Hence, the GMAT test study guide that you purchase for this section should concentrate on providing you with tips on eliminating the wrong answers. The GMAT test study guide you choose for yourself should contain enough explanations of sentence structure as well.

The GMAT test study guide you choose for your preparation can either be a consolidated guide covering all the sections or it can be divided into three four books according to the different sections. Procure GMAT test study guides published by well reputed test prep companies that have been in this business for years. Most GMAT test study guides provide software in CDs along. These CDs contain practice tests and sample questions. This feature is particularly helpful for GMAT CAT format.

Other preparation sources like private coaching, tuition's, online coaching etc are also pretty effective. Nonetheless, a GMAT test study guide is the cheapest source of preparation and it can be integrated with any other source of preparation. Besides, studying from a GAMT test study guide can be a good option for those who need to prepare for some selected portion only. Those who prefer to study on their own are also comfortable with studying from a GMAT test study guide. A combination of sources that suit your needs and requirements could be the best option for you.

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