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GMAT is a well-known standardized test that estimates a student's verbal reasoning, analytical and quantitative skills. Most educational institutions in US require an applicant's GMAT score for assessing him for admission in a business or management program. GMAT is mostly available in the CAT format, i.e. it is a computer adaptive test. You have to attempt GMAT on a computer and the machine shall choose subsequent questions according to your answers. In other words the correct answer will lead you to a challenging question whereas a wrong answer will present a question of an easier level. The questions in this exam will be objective type multiple-choice questions. Only for two essays you have to type your responses. The analytic writing section comprises of these two essays.

When you register for GMAT, you shall be given a GMAT preparation CD-ROM free. Besides, you can download a software for GMAT preparation from These two tools of preparation shall help you a lot. The official web site also makes available a GMAT study guide. Since this is the official GMAT study guide, it contains useful test taking tricks and tips. You shall get an idea of the real GMAT test questions in this GMAT study guide. This official GMAT study guide can be purchased online through Look for the latest edition and read some reviews of the same on the internet. Maybe you can get an older edition for a cheaper price on some other web site and the new one is not as good. The questions in the official GMAT study guide are arranged according to difficulty level. This GMAT study guide should be your first tool for preparation of GMAT.

Many reputed test preparation companies run preparation courses in the market. Some of these companies are Manhattan, Kaplan, Princeton, and Peterson's. These companies are well established and teach numerous methods of preparation that a normal student is not aware of. Besides, they provide their own study material like GMAT study guides, software, assignments, etc. These preparation materials can also be purchased from any good store, you need not join an institute to obtain them. When you finally choose a GMAT study guide, make sure you make a good choice. Weigh your options and compare the price and utility of different books before arriving at a decision. Do not waste your hard earned money over a futile purchase.

GMAT Study Guide for the Writing Section

The analytical writing section of GMAT is for judging your capability to express your views in English language and to test your analytical abilities. There are two types of questions in this section. Analysis of an Issue is for judging how you can think about a controversial issue. Analysis of an Argument is for judging how you can analyze a few statements for logic.

Hence, you must attain enough practice to tackle these two questions. It can be a little confusing initially. Understanding the difference between the two types of questions is difficult. It takes time to get used to the concept and a number of sample essays should be read before actually practicing your own essays. Look for a GMAT study guide that is replete with sample essays and tips on writing good essays. Besides, you must gain practice of writing the essays on a computer. This shall help you in increasing your typing speed which is crucial for essay writing in GMAT.

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