Understanding the Patterns of GMAT Study Courses

The Different Patterns of GMAT Study Courses

Gone are the days when preparation for an exam only meant a classroom set-up and home assignments and self study plans. Just as education has become a business, preparation for exams has become one as well. Ample proof for this is provided by the different preparatory options available to aspirants today. From classroom coaching, self study plans, online lectures, instructional videos, section-wise workshops to private tutoring – the sheer kinds of preparatory methods can boggle the mind. Choosing one method of study from amongst the many available is not an easy task, so let us go through a few different study courses available to help you make a choice.

The first task for any aspirant should be to figure out his weak spots. That said, it does not mean that the stronger sections do not require attention. It implies that your time should be rationed out well between your strong and weak sections, with maximum time for preparation going to the weaker sections. Simulated test prep software called the GMAT Prep is available on the official website www.mba.com for students to download for free and figure out how it actually feels to take the test and with the help of the score available at the end of the exam, decipher the parts they need to work on most. Once this is settled, the aspirant can decide how he wants to start his preparation choosing one or a few of the options available for preparation.

Offline GMAT Courses

One of the most popular ways of preparing is the offline, classroom study method. Aspirants chalk out a few weeks of preparation that they are willing to devote to regular classroom study with a group of other students for a particular part of the week for a period of maybe 8/9 weeks. Usually these classes are of 2-3 hours and the entire package could be of something like 21-40 hours preparation time. Preparatory guides, study material, live tests and a breadth of tips and strategies to crack the GMAT will be provided in these classes. The most common names are the Princeton Review, Kaplan GMAT, Veritas Prep and Manhattan GMAT. Here you can see a variety of study patterns (which can include both offline and online) and pick one that suits you the best.

Online GMAT Study Courses

The advantage an aspirant has while choosing online courses is that it allows for self-paced study and convenient and familiar surroundings. For some, that is essential for good preparation for an exam. From ordering at-home study DVD Packs from the GMAT Coach http://www.thegmatcoach.com/ , or signing up for online classes at Veritas Prep http://www.veritasprep.com/gmat/online-prep-classes/ , aspirants can derive maximum benefits of self-paced study with these online courses which offer a wide range of study materials also, like the one at 800score.com, which offers value within a limited budget and is oft quoted as the most popular online course http://www.800score.com/gmat-guide.html.

Private Tutoring

Of all the options available, private tutoring, though effective, is the most expensive way to prepare for the GMAT. Unfortunately, for some it is the only option as they may have left their studying/exam days well behind them and may need a more focused and specific attention plan for their preparation. Almost all professional prep industry names like the Princeton Review and Manhattan GMAT offer private tutoring to aspirants. You can check these out at the following web addresses http://www.princetonreview.com/business/gmat-private-tutoring.aspx and http://www.manhattangmat.com/gmat-prep-tutoring.cfm

Free Online Lectures and Instructional Videos

These form a part of the prep program for any person, and may not be the only method to prepare. As these can be easily downloaded or viewed on your mobile phone while on the move, they often are seen as supplementary prep tools. Free/paid for online videos and lectures usually are available at http://www.freelecturevideos.com/tags/gmat-tutorial/#axzz1YmXllChP and the GMAT pill study method which has innovative 27 hours paid instructional videos for aspirants is available at http://www.gmatpill.com/the-gmat-pill-method/

It is true that choosing from a wide variety is often difficult, because being spoilt for choice can lead to incorrect decision-making. Knowing this fully well, one must put in ample amount of time looking at different methods given here, talking to students who actually might have used some of these before making their pick.